Accidents happen frequently, many people die in the traffic department.

Accidents happen frequently, many people die in the traffic department.

Original title: Hunan Anhua County transport bureau "kill cattle town evil"? Official: the boss of the canteen did

"After the accident, the director of communications of Anhua County, Yiyang, Hunan Province, asked the magician to kill cattle and suppress evil spirits in the office building of the Bureau and in the courtyard of the family members." In the day of the day, this net post has caused a hot debate. In August 2nd, Mr. Tan, the director of the Anhua County Transportation Bureau, replied to the upstream news reporter (National News Hotline: [email protected]) that the story exaggerated the facts, "killing cattle town evil" is true, but not the director's instruction, it is the cafeteria owner's private work.

Anhua County Transport Bureau said that the traffic bureau was in a continuous accident in 2 months, and the traffic people were afraid, but the director, Chen and XX, not only did not check and rectify the hidden danger, but was superstitious to the ghost and God, at 3 a.m. on July 21st, at the office building and family building of the Bureau of transportation, asked the wizard to kill cattle in the town, and the blood was filled with the traffic yard. The poster also claimed that there was a video in his hand.

In August 2nd, Tam director of the office of Anhua County Transportation Bureau introduced the fact that the article exaggerated the facts. In July 11th, the Yiyang Municipal Traffic Design Institute and the Bureau of 11 staff, to the Dafu Town, Anhua County, Dafu village, the big road, the big highway Tang home near the home slope protection work. At 12:54 noon, the mountain suddenly collapsed and 5 people were buried. 3 people were rescued because of the deep burial. 2 people were killed on duty.

"A driver in the Bureau was also on the scene at that time. The landslide happened in front of him. He was scared and came back to tell his wife that his wife was just the man in the dining hall in the contract Bureau." Mr. Tan said.

Tan said that there are office buildings in the courtyard of Anhua County traffic bureau, and there are family homes. At 3 in the morning of July 23rd, the woman who contracted the canteen came to the master of the canteen to kill cattle on the ground floor of the canteen. She burned paper and sprinkled blood for the ceremony. "She asked people to kill cattle, the other is to use beef in the canteen, and the two is she wants to give her husband town evil."

"This is a feudal superstition. It is absurd. The leader in charge of the Bureau has talked with her." Tan director said that the Bureau has reported the matter to the county Party committee and the county government, and is awaiting processing opinions.

Niu Tai, an upstream journalist



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