Ninth inspecting team leader: patrol is mobile NMRI.

Ninth inspecting team leader: patrol is mobile NMRI.

Original title: leader of the central ninth inspection team: patrol is mobile political "MRI machine", online interview.

Host: everyone, everyone, good! Welcome to the "online interview" of the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Today, we invited Comrade Wu Hanfei, leader of the central ninth tour group to be a guest studio, to introduce us to the first round tour of the nineteen Central Committee. Hello!

Wu Hanfei: good host! Everyone, everyone, good!

Host: you are talking about "sticking to the problem of discovery as the lifeline of the inspection work". Please combine the actual work and talk about how to find out the problem.

Wu Hanfei: finding problems is the lifeblood of inspection. It can be said that this is the main responsibility of the patrol group. From the perspective of the inspection team, during the inspection period, we should focus on the following aspects: First, we found the problem from the phone letter. In general, the incoming letter is a direct reflection of the problem clues, many letters have a high credibility and a strong accessibility. Through careful study of the incoming letter, the analysis of the clue, the key issues, and in-depth understanding, we can find the problem. The two is to find out the problem from the questionnaire. Adhere to the problem-oriented, the questionnaire survey as a "written conversation" as an important means of understanding the situation, broaden the channels for cadres and the masses to reflect the problem. This time through this way, statistics found that the cadres and the masses of an enterprise inspection and rectification situation satisfaction rate is not high, very convincing. The three is to find out the problem from a few conversations. It is closely related to the outline of the content design of the supervision and inspection. According to the professional experience of the cadres, the conversation objects are arranged reasonably, and the questions are discussed deeply, and the subjects are given an example to verify the problems. The four is to find out the problem from the research material. Special arrangements for comrades with high policy level to study the materials provided by the inspecting units, and extract the problems from them. Two comrades are clearly required to look at the same kind of material at the same time so that they can make up for each other, study together and analyze the problem thoroughly. The five is to find out problems from checking accounts. Check the relevant financial books of the inspected units, arrange the comrades with audit and financial work experience in the group to check, and capture and verify the problems. In order to find out the clues and organizational strength, we must make sure that the problem is clear and clear.

In a sense, the tour is the political "nuclear magnetic resonance machine" that the Party Central Committee has built. It can "scan" all aspects of the party organization from the top to bottom, from the inside to the outside. After the "scan" out of the problem, the "collective consultation" will be carried out, and the "diagnosis" is made and the treatment is made. The prescription, after approval by the central government, will be found out the "focus" and "treatment program" feedback to the inspected Party organizations for "treatment". Those who need "operation" at the higher level will also have targeted and timely "surgical treatment".

From the purpose of the inspection, from the duty of the patrol group, the tour group should do the work well. It must be "two satisfaction and a service", that is to say, first, the leading group of the central and central inspection work is satisfied and the assignment is completed well. Two, the cadres and masses of the inspection units were satisfied with the outstanding problems reflected, feedback and supervision. Thirdly, the leading cadres of the inspected units are convinced that the problems raised are of vital importance, the facts are clear and the qualities are accurate, and the rectification measures are effective and feasible.

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