Approved by the State Council to revoke the establishment of Huairen Huairen County, Shuozhou, Shanxi

Approved by the State Council to revoke the establishment of Huairen Huairen County, Shuozhou, Shanxi

Original title: the State Council has approved the cancellation of Huairen County, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, and set up a county level Huairen city.

Earlier, the information on the city of Huairen County, Shuozhou Province, which was "spoiled", was officially approved by Shanxi authorities in Shanxi.

According to the Shanxi daily, the first plenary meeting of the fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the thirteen NPC in Shanxi province was held in July 31st. "The meeting listened to the explanation of the decision on the problems related to the withdrawal of the city in Huairen county." With the approval of the State Council, the Huairen county shall be revoked and the county level Huairen city shall be established. After the withdrawal of the county and the establishment of the city, the matters relating to the sessions of the NPC, the qualifications of deputies and the name changes of state organs shall be decided by the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress according to law.

Previously, the National Geographic Information Center website issued a message in July 20th, "recently, the national geographic information public service platform day map according to a batch of Shandong, Hunan and other provinces to change the city administrative division information announced by the Ministry of civil affairs, quickly start the data rapid update machine system, timely update the related administration. The name and location information of the zoning is released, and search and map services are released.

Tian map is the national geographic information public service platform, which is led by the State Bureau of surveying, mapping and geographic information. Peng Mei News ( July 25 inquiry day map found that Shuozhou Huairen County has been updated to Huairen City on the day map.

Huairen county is subordinate to Shuozhou city of Shanxi Province, with a land area of 1234 square kilometers, 6 townships and 4 towns, 162 administrative villages and 22 urban community residents, with a total population of 380 thousand. The overall strength is ranked in the top ten ranks of Shanxi province.

In recent years, the call for Huairen to withdraw from the county has been very high. In 2014, the first document issued by the Shanxi provincial government, fifty-eighth of the 60 major issues were Huairen's withdrawal from counties. The second plenary session of the twelfth Huairen Congress was held in August 2016, and the second one was to remove counties from cities. In June 2017, the Third Plenary Session of the Sixth Session of the Shuozhou Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China voted to adopt the Resolution on Consent to Apply for Huairen County to Withdraw County and Set up City.

In June of this year, the official statement of the Huairen local government has mentioned "the setting up of the city with the withdrawal of Huairen in the county" and "the new starting point for the withdrawal of the city in the county", suggesting that the Huairen withdrawal from the county has been successfully approved.

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