Shanghai Disney is now the same robot as real people? Reporters reveal the truth.

Shanghai Disney is now the same robot as real people? Reporters reveal the truth.

Original title: Shanghai Disney discovered the same robot as real people? Reporters found the real identity of the "mysterious dancer" in the video.

It's not unusual for robots to dance. But recently, two video clips circulating on the Internet, which claim to be robotic dancing in Shanghai Disneyland, have caused many netizens to shout "magic". The dancer in the video looked like a real person, but the rumor said: "Please note that the dancer is a robot. This video is from Shanghai Disney 4D movies and TV. There are insiders dedicated to watching it for only 5 minutes, but the line is only 4 hours (above) ticket price 499 yuan, in the Wechat group to see it quickly, everyone points out together. Enjoy yourself! Man Oh! The world is changing so fast! " Is this robot dancing? The news reporters of the Liberation Daily went on to verify.

Verify that:

The first video shows a pair of foreign dancers, men and women tall, is a pair of handsome men and beautiful matching. The two dance dances in the huge stadium, surrounded by spectators.

But looking closely at this video, reporters found that the video in the upper left corner of the prodigious written in Chinese, "February 3, 2018 WDSF Lithuanian modern dance, championship." From the billboards around the dance venue in the video, we can also see the Lithuanian text of "Lietuvos Standartini empionatas 2018" (the 2018 Lithuanian National Dance Championship), which should be a modern dance competition clip in the 2018 Lithuanian Dance Competition.

Searches revealed that there were many more complete, tens of minutes long videos of the contest, including live dance videos of the pair. Reporters learned that this pair of dancers is the famous local dance competition partner, the female dancer named Ieva Zukauskaite, the male dancer named Evaldas Sodeika.

It can be seen that the so-called female dancer is a robot.

Verify two:

In another so-called "Disney Robot Dance" video circulated on the Internet, a dancer in a green dance costume dances a Chinese dance, the dancer moves lightly, the expression is agile, can see that the dance foundation is profound. The video lasted about 4 minutes, and the words "Chinese classical dance" were also written on the video.

Video screenshots

Screenshots of rumors

This video rumor is very popular in micro-blog, many netizens commented that "jump so professional, can not be a robot, ask professional to give the video source." Reporters through a variety of search and verification found that this dance is the fourth CCTV dance competition in 2007, a segment of the competition, the name of the dance is "Dream of a Spring Girl," the dancer is Qin Xi. Search on the Internet, you can easily find its provenance on the major video sites. It can be seen that this video is "Disney robot jump" this is also a rumor.

CCTV3 broadcast clip

To sum up, the two dance videos are from professional dancers and have nothing to do with robots.




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