Cai Yingwen protested the defense black box, now purchases confidential budget to the US.

Cai Yingwen protested the defense black box, now purchases confidential budget to the US.

Original title: Cai Yingwen used to protest black box defense and buy secret budget to the us today

Tsai Ying-wen announced recently that he had instructed Taiwan's Defense Department to substantially increase the defense budget by NT $18.3 billion next year. However, Taiwan media revealed that next year's defense budget for the U. S. military purchases will be changed from public to confidential, public opinion questioned, Cai Ying-wen came to power in front of the loud protest "defense black box", but now on the stage has become a "black box" to create the black hand.

Cai announced in August that in response to changes in defense security and the international situation, the defense budget for 2019 will be increased by NT $18.3 billion, totaling NT $346 billion, an increase of 5.6% over the previous year's budget. However, Taiwan media revealed that in the defense budget, the military procurement part of the U. S. military, including the "Ruijie Project" procurement M1A2 combat vehicles, all of which are included in the confidential budget, is quite different from the past.

Opinions have questioned that Cai's move will disengage the defense budget from social supervision and increase the risk of corruption in the defense agencies. According to the Taiwanese media, when Ma Ying-jeou was the leader of the Taiwanese authorities in the past, he attached great importance to the "defense integrity index" and demanded that the military procurement budget be as transparent as possible, but Cai Ying-jeou did not make such a request.

The so-called defense integrity index was first launched by the International Transparency Organization in January 2013. The main subjects of the survey were the defense departments in various regions, which examined the evaluation of corruption and the supervision of the military purchase process.

Comparing the past purchase of Patriot II, III air defense missiles, Black Hawk helicopters, F-16 fighter upgrade projects are listed in the open budget. In the defense budget of Cai Yingwen, the budgets of "Taiwan Machinery Manufacturing" and "Taiwan Ship Machinery Manufacturing" are mostly open, but the purchasing part for the United States is listed in the confidential budget.

There are Taiwan media irony, Cai Ying-wen in the field has repeatedly visited the Defense Department to protest against the defense black box, but now on the stage has become a black manufacturer of black box.

In response, Chen Zhongji, a spokesman for Taiwan's defense department, said that the U.S. military purchase budget should be kept low-key and confidential. The relevant contents should be classified before being sold by the U.S. side. Only after the procurement is reached will the public budget be considered.

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