Ma Yun left office soon: he knew his own ending.

Ma Yun left office soon: he knew his own ending.

[Finance Union] (reporter Zhou Yuan)

This is a popular world, but we are not good at saying goodbye.

-- Milan Kundera

In September 10th, Ma realized his desire of 10 years: Chinese style "retirement".

Behind him, he left behind a rare domestic Internet "co-governance" giant, which allowed Ma Yun to "withdraw" from Ali as he wished, still enjoying tremendous influence and actual control over Ali's business.

In 2013, Ma had explained in detail the specific reasons why he had resigned.

Next year will officially retire from office.

On Sept. 10, Ali Group officially wrote that Chairman Ma Yun of the board of directors will step down as chairman of the board of directors of the group on Sept. 10, 2019, and be succeeded by CEO Zhang Yong.

Ma Yun said in an open letter today (Sept. 10), "This is a ten-year plan that I have carefully prepared.

In fact, in 2013, Ma explained his relationship with ALI team in detail. This is equivalent to Ma Yun's detailed explanation for today's open letter.

Ma Yun wants to retire early and will become the first founder of China's Internet giant, the 54-year-old "retired" founder, from Ma Yun's previous explanations of external release, there is indeed much evidence.

"I want to retire sooner than anyone else." Ma Yun said in 2013, "people say, alas, you have great power. You can have control. Bullshit, what do I want this for? I still want to... Hurry up! "

What do you take? Who will "take"? Ma Yun believes that this company does not belong to Ma Yun, nor belongs to shareholders. It belongs to this era.

Ma Yun said, "I learned from the Taoist thought of doing nothing to govern, to train the next generation of leaders, cultivate ecosystems, inactive ecosystems. Let it grow slowly and slowly. As for the retreat, in fact, I have already retired.

Fostering a leadership echelon, which started before 2011, according to Ma Yun, "I had a hunch in 2010. My instinct tells me that if I go on like this, there will be problems. So we made a series of planning... We have to build an ecosystem, and we must not build an empire system. "

Even to play Tai Chi, Ma Yun is also considering the question of "advance and retreat": (Tai Chi) Yin and Yang, things will be reversed, when to harvest, when to put, when to melt, when to gather. These are exactly the same as those in the enterprise.

Physical deterioration can not keep pace with understanding.

Before, Ma Yun said that his last regret was the founding of the Ali Group, so long ago has been thinking about how to withdraw, "No one is perfect. You can only do perfect if you only hold hands and stop early.

Suppose we do it again today, what is Ma willing to do?

He said, "I would like to work in Taobao on a small company, tasty, hire a dozen people, down-to-earth. This is my biggest happiness and ideal in my life.

It's worth saying: "(I) really feel tired. From the end of 2011 to the present (2013), I am very tired. "

In 2013, Ma outgoing CEO of Ali group was replaced by Lu Zhaoxi.

Speaking of the history of Chinese entrepreneurs, Ma Yun said, "I personally think that Chinese entrepreneurs really have no good end. The same is true. History is also true. History will not change because of today. There will be only lucky people, after all, not many. This is not pessimistic. Those who know destiny can be optimistic. Those who know the outcome can be truly optimistic. It's useless to talk with young people. You can only say this sentence only when you reach a certain age. I ma Yun already knew his ending. "

So pessimistic, with this phrase "before you have no money, no one is looking for you." If you have money, you will have a lot of people. If you have the right, you can't eat it. "

My resignation from Ali may have been due to physical and mental deterioration. "I'm not as physically fit as I was then. Unlike five years ago. It's different now. Then the understanding of wireless Internet, the next understanding of the Internet, the young people's ideas, ideas can not keep up.

Before announcing his retirement in March this year, Li Ka-shing summed up his philosophy of doing things. His eight words of "governing without haste and doing nothing" conformed to Ma Yun's business characteristics.

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