Guangdong releases ten new real economy: three reduction of 200 billion for enterprises

Guangdong releases ten new real economy: three reduction of 200 billion for enterprises

Original title: Guangdong issued new ten real economy: three years for enterprises to reduce the burden of 200 billion

Guangdong, a manufacturing province, is planning to provide better development environment for the real economy through cost reduction.

On September 10, Guangdong Province issued to the outside world "Some Policies and Measures (Revised Edition) on Reducing the Cost of Manufacturing Enterprises to Support the Development of Real Economy in Guangdong Province" (New Ten Articles of Real Economy for short). This is a "big gift package" covering 10 areas and 61 specific policy points. Official estimates show that the total direct cost reduction for enterprises will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2018-2020.

Ten Articles on Guangdong's Real Economy were issued in August, 2017. This is a strong and innovative policy arrangement for Guangdong to reduce costs for the real economy in recent years. By June this year, it has reduced the burden of enterprises by about 96.3 billion yuan.

Despite the remarkable results, Guangdong has also found that the development of real economic enterprises is still facing many new pain points, new plugging points, new difficulties, new hot spots, and urgently need to further upgrade the cost reduction policy to provide greater support.

It is learnt that the "New Ten Articles of the Real Economy" focuses on strengthening land security for major industrial projects, strengthening services for major industrial projects, reducing land use costs for industrial enterprises and revitalizing industry, focusing on issues such as land security, preferential land prices, partitioning and registration of industrial plants, and project approval, which are strongly reflected by grassroots and enterprises. Enterprise property assets and further reduce the cost of electricity, transportation, financing and other aspects of enterprises put forward a number of more targeted, more supportive, more pragmatic and effective new initiatives.

Among them, in order to reduce the tax burden of enterprises, the New Ten Articles of the Real Economy not only reiterate the preferential policies of reducing the applicable tax standard of urban land use tax, but also reduce the applicable tax of vehicle, vehicle and ship tax to the lowest level of the statutory tax rate. More vigorous policies such as the refund of the input tax of value-added tax which has not been deducted in a certain period of time for enterprises of service industry and power grid enterprises that meet the relevant conditions.

In order to reduce the cost of enterprise social insurance, the new policy proposed that the area with excessively high accumulated surplus of staff and workers'medical insurance co-ordinate fund should moderately reduce the unit payment rate and the average rate of industrial injury insurance in the whole province should be reduced by 20% - 30%.

In order to reduce the transaction cost of enterprise system, it is proposed to shorten the examination and approval time, reduce the start-up time to 5 working days, reduce the approval and completion time of industrial investment projects to 10 working days, and reduce the filing and completion time of industrial investment projects to 3 working days.

In addition, New Article 10 of the Real Economy provides further and more precise policy arrangements for the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, major industrial projects and industrial enterprises to activate land resources and improve the utilization rate from the perspective of "support".

For example, before 2020, the provincial finance will give priority support to enterprises in carrying out digital, networked, intelligent and green technological transformation. Industrial enterprises with main business income of more than 10 million yuan can enjoy the policy of reward and subsidy (inclusive) after technological transformation.

At the same time, Guangdong will also award land-use indicators for major industrial projects that meet the rewarding conditions of the "Measures for Rewarding Indicators of Major Industrial Projects in Guangdong Province", according to the corresponding standards. Among them, the province will award land-use indicators for major industrial projects that have invested more than 2 billion yuan, met the relevant conditions such as investment intensity and completed the land-supply formalities. Incentives for land use indicators. If the land use index of the year is insufficient when major industrial projects are introduced from various places, the reward index for advance expenditure may be applied to the province according to the regulations. Environmental impact assessment, social stability risk assessment and energy conservation assessment should be involved in the demonstration stage of major industrial projects in advance, and parallel examination and approval should be carried out simultaneously.

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