More than 400 students came from all over the country to attend his last lesson.

More than 400 students came from all over the country to attend his last lesson.

Original title: More than 400 students came from all over the country just for his "last lesson"....

He has taught for 36 years and is known as "China's Sukhomlinski-style teacher"; he integrates respect and democracy into daily teaching, and pursues happiness in learning with his students; he advocates civilian education, and trains students to be "people among men", loyal to their hearts. He is a national excellent educator and Li Zhenxi, a special language teacher in Sichuan province.

During the just-concluded summer vacation, Li Zhenxi had a special "last lesson" before retiring. More than 400 first-term students of western education in Li Zhen came to class from all over the country with their loved ones and children.

"Future class"

In 1982, 23-year-old Li Zhenxi University graduated, assigned to Leshan No. 1 Middle School in Sichuan Province, teaching junior high school Chinese and serving as a class teacher. He gave his class the name "the future class". The initial teaching was to do what he thought was right with enthusiasm, but the pain in the teaching process prompted Li Zhenxi to explore the essence of education.

"After she died, I vowed not to punish students."

In the winter of 1986, Ren Anni, a student in the class, was late. Li Zhenxi, who was lecturing at the time, was annoyed when she arrived late after reading a book with poor grades. "Go out and stand for a while." So Anne stood outside the classroom, while Li Zhenxi continued to give lectures.

The cold air outside the house was so pressing that Anne stood for a while, and Li Zhenxi let her in. After entering the room, Ren Anne was just ready to sit down. "Did I ask you to sit down, I told you not to sit in." The teacher's words made Ren Anne very embarrassed, so she stood to finish the class. After class, Anne asked the teacher to ask for leave. "Miss Li, I was sick and went back to rest."

After that, Anne did not come to school until Li Zhenxi learned that she was going to leave school. Six months later, he was surprised to learn that Ren Anni had passed away. Originally, elementary school found that suffering from leukemia Ren Anne has not told her family, the family did not know that she was sick. During her illness, her wish was to return to Miss Lee's class after discharge.

Li Zhenxi: why do I cry? Because I didn't know she was ill, and she was also punished. If I just feel that I can't match her, it's not enough. At that time, I swear, I will no longer punish student stations.

Li Zhenxi turned his guilt towards Anne as a good treat for every student in the future. When he was the principal, the first thing to ask students to come to the office was "please sit down". He persisted in fostering equality with equality and cultivating respect with respect.


Respecting children is not respect and will be respected. Li Zhenxi tried to make students manage themselves in class and become masters of the class. Li Zhenxi loves literature, music, photography and tourism. He integrates his hobby into Chinese teaching and summarizes it into four elements of teaching fairy tales. However, not all of us agree with this way of education.

"Only to make the children happy and rewarding"

In 1990, Li Zhenxi took three years of high school classes in the college entrance examination did not achieve the desired "brilliant" results, so, just feel that he found the direction, immediately met with all kinds of queries.

Li Zhenxi: Teachers must be calm, you think you are right, don't make a mistake, just like tens of millions of teachers to torture students, torture themselves.

In 1995, Li Zhenxi's graduating class from Junior 1 to Senior 3 "won the college entrance examination" and all kinds of praise came to him. Only he himself knows that this class is not different from the previous session in terms of teaching concepts and methods. He has been thinking about how education should be chosen between a successful student and a happy child.

Li Zhenxi: The traditional "brush-off" model stifles students'creativity, freedom and young children's interest. I really hate to do such an education, and even 99% of teachers do not want to do so. But there are few people who can make changes.

In the face of educational reform, what changes can we make by one person? "I didn't think about changing the world. I just wanted people not to change me. I Wanted 50 children to be happy, happy and rewarding. I basically did it," Li Zhenxi said.

"People in China"

Since 1982, Li Zhenxi has been transferred to Leshan No. 1 Middle School. Chengdu Yulin Middle School, Chengdu Shishi Middle School and Chengdu Wuhou Experimental Middle School have continued his educational exploration. During this period, he was admitted to Suzhou University for his PhD in educational philosophy. His research direction is "democracy and education".

"Every student should take it seriously".

In August 1995, Chengdu Yulin Middle School selected a number of top students, set up a "six-year consistent experimental class" from junior one to senior three, designated Li Zhenxi as class teacher. Taking this opportunity, he made another request to the school leader, to make up a class for the students with the worse countdown, and he will also be a class teacher.

In order to stimulate the so-called "underachievers" enthusiasm, Li Zhenxi in the daily exams also tailor-made difficult papers for them; in order to let them learn to focus on things, Li Zhenxi let students copy their favorite extracurricular books in class, in the process of gradual education.

Li Zhenxi: Whether the teacher's love and wisdom are real or not depends on his attitude towards underachievers. These children will be long-term neglect, the soul will be hurt, how you treat him, how he will treat others tomorrow.

"Education is human learning, and we should treat students as human beings".

Although Li Zhenxi took the management position of the principal, his favorite course was class and class teacher. He once put forward a goal different from most schools in Wuhou experimental middle school, and engaged in civilian education.

Li Zhenxi said that civilian education is to face the civilian education, we train good, honest, diligent, educated "people among people". Our children come from the common people, learn their skills and return to the common people to serve them.

Li Zhenxi: Education is human learning, that is, to treat students as human beings, not as examination machines or knowledge containers. I am loyal to my heart and love my children.

In the last lesson of the summer, Li Zhenxi shared with the students of the Future Class the memorabilia he had saved --- review books and leave slips. In 36 years of persistence, he let a term of students acquire knowledge, grow up, but also made himself a happy teacher.

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