Typhoon tuna caused 600 tuna to lose 100 million yen.

Typhoon tuna caused 600 tuna to lose 100 million yen.

Original Title: Typhoon 21, Japan, killed or washed away 600 tuna in Kyrgyzstan, causing losses of about 100 million yen

According to Asahi Shimbun of Japan on September 10, about 600 tunas died or were washed away from an aquaculture farm at the Institute of Fisheries Research, Kinki University, where tunas were cultured completely in captivity, under the influence of typhoon 21. The total loss amounts to about 100 million yen (equivalent to 6 million 178 thousand yuan).

According to the Institute of Fisheries Research at Kyrgyz University, one of the 15 fish ponds (30 meters in diameter and 10 meters in depth) in the sea area of Champongdi was affected. On that day, there were about 600 tuna weighing 30 kilograms in the net. Typhoon affected 250 of them died, about 350 were washed away by the water, only a few alive.

The pond itself was also washed about 100 metres away from the setting, and the study said the typhoon's waves had blown tuna outside the pond. The rest of the tuna were also injured and unable to breathe.

Reported that the Institute of Fisheries Research of Kyrgyz University in Hegeshan County and Kagoshima County raised about 10,000 tuna. Other ponds have no apparent loss and are said to be fully supplied to the direct-operated restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.

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