Taiwanese enrage Japan agencies, the Taiwan authorities have encouraged the "Japanese asshole" to encourage more.

Taiwanese enrage Japan agencies, the Taiwan authorities have encouraged the

Originally titled: Taiwanese angrily surrounded Japanese institutions in Taiwan, the result of the Taiwan authorities, the "Japanese bastard" more resentful!

Last night, the Taiwanese media exposed an angry news: a Japanese extreme right-winger named Shihiko Fujii, not only ran to Taiwan to protest against a statue of a comfort woman erected locally, but even made a very insulting foot kick on the statue!

In order to discuss the bronze statue, Xie Longjie, chairman of the Party Department of Tainan City of the Kuomintang, led the crowd to protest at the entrance of the Taipei Office of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, during which two clashes broke out. And the Taiwan authorities finally responded.

Japanese right-wing group representative Shihiko Fujii has been criticized by the island public for kicking a bronze statue of a Tainan comfort woman. (detailed stamp: Japanese bullied to the top! The Taiwanese are angry. The Chinese people support you.

According to the surveillance videos collected by the Tainan Municipal Party Department of the Kuomintang, we can see the picture of Fujii running to the front of the bronze statue of "comfort woman" to kick the bronze statue in front of his door for questioning.

From the full surveillance video exposed at 11 a.m. on Sept. 10, Fujii seems to have deliberately posed for a kick so that his colleagues can take pictures.

Afterwards, the Fujii, who kicked the bronze statue of the comfort woman, first scolded netizens on Facebook, calling the comfort woman "nausea" was "made up", but quickly deleted the post. On Monday he changed his mind to say that he didn't kick the bronze statue of the comfort woman, but that his foot was numb, stretching his foot and being photographed. It seems that this person's position is not only extreme, but also morally low.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Xie Longjie, chairman of the Party Department of Tainan City of the Kuomintang, said that according to Taiwan's "entry and exit management" data, Fujii Shihiko had left Taiwan on Saturday.

According to Taiwan's "United News Network" reported on the 10th, Fujii has left Taiwan, Xie Longjie said that he will not stop at this point, in addition to demanding the Japanese side to make a statement, "Japan in Taiwan Association" on behalf of the Kenji Fukuda also publicly apologize to the people of Taiwan for this matter.

Today (September 10) at 10:00 a.m., Xie Longjie, chairman of the Party Department of the Tainan City of the Kuomintang, fulfilled his promise to carry the bronze statue of the "comfort woman" who had been kicked and went to "kick the hall".

Early this morning, Xie Longjie and Huang Shuzhen, chairman of the Tainan "comfort women" Association for the Promotion of Human Rights Equality, joined the crowd from north to south of Taiwan. A group of people wearing "tough" white T-shirts, white masks, white carnations and posters stood in front of the Taipei Office of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association to protest.

According to incomplete statistics, the former Taipei County Mayor Zhou Xiwei, the "legislator" Wang Yumin, Chen Yimin, Tainan City Councilor Cai Shuhui, Hong Yufeng, Taipei City Councilor candidate You Shuhui, Xu Qiaoxin, Zhong Peijun and other relevant political figures of the Kuomintang came to the scene to support Xie Longjie.

There is also Wang Bingzhong, chairman of the New Party Youth Committee, who is more familiar to mainland Chinese netizens.

Xie Longjie and others first carried the bronze statue of "comfort woman" onto the command vehicle, took turns to board the vehicle "shelling", but also released the monitoring video of Fujii kicking the bronze statue.

Zhou Xiwei led the crowd to shout slogans to protest, holding up the bronze statue and pushing forward, demanding that the Japanese representative personally accept the protest, "Otherwise we will go in by ourselves!" The rest of the people were even more indignant, throwing eggs at the building, and insulting Cai Ying, Xie Changting and Kenji Fukuda as "son X". When the police stopped the eggs with the net, they raised the cards for the two time and demanded the masses to be dissolved. The scene is pushing and shoving, chaos.

Zhou Xiwei was angry and scolded at the police: "the Japanese are asshole! Such Japanese are coming to Taiwan, and your policemen need to protect them. It's not that I swore at Zhou Xi, but the Taiwanese were calling names! "

After that, Huang Shuzhen and others intended to represent the people to submit their protest, but they were still blocked. Second clashes broke out at the scene. After a long time, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association finally expressed its intention to accept the protest, but asked the media to leave. This once again led to the scene of war.

After an hour of coordination, at about 11:40 a.m., the association finally dispatched the Chief of General Affairs, Tanaka Takazawa, to take over the protest, and the incident came to an end.

On the other hand, the Taiwan authorities also made a statement.

According to the Central News Agency, Li Xianzhang, a spokesman for Taiwan's Foreign Ministry, said on the 10th that the Taiwan authorities have always attached great importance to the issue of "comfort women" and their position on dealing with the issue and striving for the dignity of "comfort women" of Taiwanese nationality remains unchanged. In the future, it will continue to actively negotiate with Japan and appeal to Japan to attach importance to the rights and dignity of "comfort women" of Taiwanese nationality.

Li Xianzhang responded to Fujii Mihiro's foot kick on the bronze statue, and the Ministry of foreign affairs is learning more about it. He then appealed to all sectors to handle the case in a peaceful and rational manner.

"Japan Taiwan exchanges Association" said that there is nothing particular to say about this.

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