Shanxi Liulin Mafia group: monitoring grassroots cadres to pay salaries to civil servants

Shanxi Liulin Mafia group: monitoring grassroots cadres to pay salaries to civil servants

Chen Hongzhi, the richest man in Liulin County, Shanxi Province

"Chen Hongzhi criminal group is a typical and harmful criminal group in Shanxi's anti-crime activities." In early September, an official from Shanxi's political and legal system told upstream journalists that Chen Hongzhi, the former richest man in Liulin County, Shanxi Province, was suspected of organized crime.

On September 3, Shanxi Changzhi Public Security Bureau issued a circular saying that the procuratorial organs approved the arrest of 39 suspects, such as Chen Hongzhi, for organizing and leading the crime of organized gangs. At the same time, the police also expressed the hope that the broad masses of the people actively exposed and provided clues to the criminal syndicate.

Earlier, CCTV News Channel disclosed the case of Chen Hongzhi, the richest man in Liulin County, Shanxi Province, in an all-round way, with the report that after Chen Hongzhi's arrest, the property involved was detained, sealed up and frozen, with an initial assessment of about 7.84 billion yuan. Only one property, investigators found in Beijing, Taiyuan and other places 341, the number of "amazing." The upstream news also published on September 4, the "Black Gold Empire" which directly attacked the black boss of Liulin County, Shanxi Province, and reported on the status quo of Lijiata Village, Liulin County and its hometown, Mengmen Town, after Chen Hongzhi's capture. It is understood that Chen Hongzhi's residence is more than 3,800 square meters, backed by mountains, looking forward to the Yellow River, had to modify the Yellow River for Feng shui, at home to build a dam.

The official said that violence to make money, "to open the way" is a chief feature of Chen Hongzhi's criminal syndicate, violent means throughout Chen Hongzhi's vicious road to prosperity. Another danger is collusion between officials and businessmen and manipulation of grass-roots political power.

Chen Hongzhi was reported to be guilty of 41 crimes of violence.

A local person in Lvliang told an upstream journalist that he and Chen Hongzhi were classmates, Chen Hongzhi was born in 1975, Lijiata village, Mengmen town, Liulin County. Chen Hongzhi's family is poor and his study is not good. He may feel that there is no way out for reading, and then he goes to serve as a soldier.

In 1999, after Chen Hongzhi retired from the armed police force, he went to the bathhouse to give people a bath because he couldn't find a good battalion. In the process, he met a local dignitary. Seeing Chen Hongzhi's hard-working and clever, he instructed him to do the business of mining stone materials and lent him capital.

After making money from the quarry, Chen Hongzhi raised funds to build the most luxurious Liaoyuan Mall in Liulin County. By opening the mall to operate high-end clothing and restaurants, Chen Hongzhi met more politicians and businessmen in Liulin County. At that time, when the coal economy was booming, Chen Hongzhi contracted coal mines with these people. In 2003 alone, Chen Hongzhi. Hongzhi contracted 5 coal mines at a cost of 258 million yuan.

When the coal economy was booming, everyone knew that contracting coal mines was a profitable business. Few people were willing to give up the right of contracting coal mines. Why could Chen Hongzhi buy five coal mines in a year? Local people said that the ownership of these coal mines are collective villages, for the miners who do not want to be low-priced coal acquisition, Chen Hongzhi ordered the village committee to terminate the contract, for disobedient village committee, Chen Hongzhi ordered the villagers to start a riot, the Village Branch letter and village director to carry on.

A Shanxi media source said that more than a decade ago he had interviewed and reported that Tianjiapo Village had been robbed of a collective coal mine by Chen Hongzhi. After the report was published, Chen Hongzhi grabbed the villagers and pulled out their pubic hair with a pair of pincers to torture the villagers to kill chickens and monkeys.

Local people said that relying on blockade, digging ditches and breaking roads, organizing underworld, forcing low-cost acquisitions, and manipulating grassroots elections, Chen Hongzhi controlled many coal mines at one stroke, established Shanxi Liulin Lingzhi Group as chairman of the board, and quickly rose to become a rich Liulin County. After the bankruptcy of Liansheng energy Xing Libin, who was famous for 70 million marriages, Chen Hongzhi jumped to become the richest man in Liulin.

Set up a "double base" group of CCB penalty teams, and internally deal with the employees before giving them to the police.

A person close to Chen Hongzhi told reporters that Chen Hongzhi had great management skills. His company's salary was much higher than that of other companies, but it was extremely strict, and his half-month salary was deducted if he was not careful. The resignation never wants to get the last few months' salary.

In June this year, a self-claimed victim submitted on the Internet cited Chen Hongzhi's purchasing of the victim, hindering testimony, stealing mining of neighboring mineral resources, digging down security pillars, breaking roads, setting fire, manipulating the town of Mengmen and other townships, election of village committees, illegal detention of village directors, illegal violent demolition of villages, concealment of mine accidents, etc. There are 41 deadly sins.

According to the material, Chengjiazhuang Coal Mine was contracted by Liu Jinqi and Wang Baojun in 2003, and in 2007, Chen Hongzhi purchased the shares of the two men for a total price of 140 million yuan, thus realizing the subcontracting of the coal mine. In the absence of payment for the transfer of Liu Jinqi's shares, Chen Hongzhi forced Liu Jinqi to hand over all the coal-mining formalities by illegally detaining Liu's driver and employee Liu Junyi and Chen Lifang. Cheng Jia Zhuang coal mine has integrated the Changsheng coal industry to become the main coal mine of Lexus group.

For disobedient people, Chen Hongzhi, in the name of "anti-corruption within the company", set up a "double base" for hitting people and employees in Liaoyuan Mall and Coal Mansion in Liulin County. Liulin County and colluded with the relevant personnel of the public security organs, the company "dealt with" the staff and then turned over to the public security organs to attack, public and private punishment, deter all employees.

"Since October 2011, Chen Hongzhi has set up an investigation team in the staff training center next to the coal building. Chen Hongzhi has taken more than a dozen security guards as execution squads, subpoenaed and illegally detained personnel at or above the department level of the company, wounded more than ten people such as Liu Yunchuan and Wang Weibing, and hospitalized them, and then mobilized the Liulin County Public Security Bureau to take over Liu Yunchuan and Wang Weibing. Kang San run and others were sent to the County Detention Center for detention. This material says.

To control the grass-roots political power, more than 10 village cadres are partners.

"In Chen Hongzhi's computer, the investigators found a list of salaries paid to some local civil servants." "Chen Hongzhi has at least manipulated the election of a number of local village-level regimes," Shanxi political and legal officials told reporters.

A senior Shanxi media source said that in Mengmen Town, Liulin County, Chen Hongzhi, through his father, former Fengjiagou village branch, Chen Yuefu, controlled almost all the village committee elections in Mengmen Town. Only by cooperating with the Lexus Group can people who can live in villages get the support of Chen Hongzhi to come to power, so that many "village tyrants" who are criticized or even hated by the masses are elected village directors. Among them, several village directors came to power through Chen Hongzhi's money, bribery election or violent intervention.

Those who did not cooperate were subjected to frenzied reprisals. For example, Chen Qiuping, originally a relative of Chen Hongzhi's family, was appointed Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengjiazhuang Town in April 2016. He was hit and humiliated madly by Chen Hongzhi for failing to cooperate with the Lingzhi Group in the siege of Deng Jiazhuang Coal Mine.

Many local people in Liulin County said that Chen Hongzhi, through his trusted village director, organized petitions from Chengjiazhuang, Tianjiapo and Majialiang villages, and then suspended Chen Qiuping through the county's main leaders on the grounds that Chen Qiuping could not maintain grassroots stability.

Shortly after the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, Chen Hongzhi called about Chen Qiuping to the Liulin Coal Hotel. As soon as Chen Qiuping entered the hotel lobby, he was robbed of his mobile phone by security guards. On January 6, 2017, Chen Hongzhi and his father, Chen Yuefu, cut off the water and electricity at the home of Chen Qiuping's parents in Lijiata Village, making it uninhabitable. In the same month, Chen Hongzhi organized several village Party branch secretaries to sign a petition for Chen Qiuping to move out of Chenjiazhuang town. On the Qingming Festival in 2017, Chen Hongzhi deployed personnel to destroy Chen Qiuping's ancestral grave and smash the tombstones.

According to local villagers, after Chen Qiuping was dismissed, Chen Hongzhi and his associates were repeatedly reported to have failed. Chen Hongzhi also tried to find his private reconciliation many times, but he was refused. Chen Hongzhi sent people with money to Chen Qiuping's father, who thought, "Let things rest peacefully." Chen Qiuping's father was an old party member. He said at that time, "My son is an official of the Communist Party, not your Chen Hongzhi official."

After Chen Hongzhi's criminal group was arrested, reporters repeatedly contacted Chen Qiuping for details. However, according to local government sources, Chen Qiuping has been reappointed.

According to incomplete statistics of the upstream news, up to now, including the former Secretary of the Party branch of Che Zeban Village, Mengmen Town, Liulin County, Shanxi Province, Wang Xing, former director of Shi'an Village, Mengmen Town, Li Changjun, former Secretary of the Party branch of Wang Jiayan Village, Che Fengzhi, former director of Helonggou Village, Mengmen Town, Zhang Jiazhuang Township, former Secretary of Tianjiapo Village Branch More than 10 local village cadres were arrested as members of the Chen Hongzhi crime syndicate.

Collusion between government officials and businessmen, purchase of equipment, monitoring and deletion

Another important concern of Chen Hongzhi's gangland criminal syndicates is collusion between officials and businessmen.

According to the notice issued by the Public Security Bureau of Changzhi City in Shanxi Province under the name of "peaceful and long-term governance", three people, Zhang Zeping, a cadre of Liulin County Court, Chen Fuxiang, a staff member of Liulin County Post and Telecommunications Bureau, and Kang Zhixing, a staff member of Lingzhi Group, are suspects of Chen Hongzhi criminal group.

Reporters querying Liulin County court official website found that Zhang Zeping is the president of the court of Cheng Jia Zhuang. According to local people, Zhang Zeping and Chen Fuxiang are husband and wife, Chen Fuxiang is Chen Hongzhi's elder sister. At present, Zhang Zeping has been removed from office and has been arrested recently. Chen Fuxiang is wanted by the Ministry of public security.

Up to now, Liu Lin County Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Brigade instructor Chen Jie, the former Liulin County Public Security Bureau Chengjiazhuang police station director Gao Jianbin and other police officers are members of Chen Hongzhi criminal syndicate.

In addition, according to the aforementioned reporting materials, in 2015 was Shuangkaiyuan Liulin County Party Secretary Wang Ning and Chen Hongzhi "a very strong relationship". Wang Ning previously served as county magistrate of Liulin County. According to the regulations of appointment and removal of cadres at that time, he could only promote or transfer officials from other places to be county Party secretaries. After Chen Hongzhi funded 20 million yuan, Wang Ning was promoted to the Secretary of Liulin County Party Committee in violation of regulations. "If Wang Ning did not listen to Chen Hongzhi, Chen would even slap Wang Ning in public. Through controlling the main leaders of Liulin County, Chen Hongzhi arranged his classmates, relatives and friends in the main functional departments of public security, coal management, land, water conservancy and so on. It provides protection for Chen Hongzhi's illegal occupation of land, cross boundary mining, private digging and illegal exploitation.

Before being arrested, Chen Hongzhi was repeatedly reported. Ten years ago, Chen had been investigated by the Ministry of public security, but was terminated by reason.

In addition, the reporter learned from local insiders, Chen Hongzhi in recent years purchased a set of technical reconnaissance equipment from an enterprise, mainly used to monitor local cadres, and formed a network monitoring and deletion force.

Among them, in September 2017, a large number of network platforms appeared in Liulin County Mujiapo village to demolish people's video and text, netizens were copied and forwarded, but most of the subsequent silence disappeared.

"Like my netizens, I copied and forwarded it. As a result, after we reprinted it for four or five months, Chen Hongzhi suddenly sued me and framed the post. A Baidu Post Bar netizen told the upstream news reporter that after Chen Hongzhi sued, the first instance was convicted, and the case is now in the appeal period.

Yang Rui, an upstream news trainee reporter

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