Lenovo overweight block chain again hot spots or "Lenovo"?

Lenovo overweight block chain again hot spots or

Bianews reported recently that Lenovo's new vision announced a partnership with Credits, a company that specializes in block chain platforms.

The two sides will jointly develop new technologies such as the Internet of Things, AR / VR software, and Credits will use its block chain expertise to help Lenovo build new vision technology software projects.

This action is considered to be a new attempt of Lenovo's block chain business, because in the first half of the year Lenovo launched a number of block chain related hardware products, action is continuous.

Introducing block chain to promote new vision projects

Lenovo's new vision is Lenovo announced a new strategic investment project in the United States.

Lenovo Venture Capital and Kopin, a wearable technology company in the United States, jointly established Lenovo New Vision Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on AR smart wear industry solutions, jointly explore the global AR commercial market.

At that time, when the formal VR / AR hot, Lenovo Venture Capital Group President He Zhiqiang said: "AR / VR is the PC Internet, mobile Internet, will soon change the world's next generation of technology, is also an important investment direction of Lenovo Venture Capital in the future."

Now Lenovo's new vision is trying to incorporate new block chain technologies, and Lenovo hopes Credits'block chain technology will help simplify internal operations and management procedures.

Credits is an autonomous block chain platform based on the principle of peer-to-peer networks. The platform focuses on providing Dapp-related services to start-ups, as well as intelligent contracts, public registration and ledger, concept validation, and MVP development services for their partners.

Lenovo tries to integrate the block chain with the current hot technology, trying to use the block chain to change the internal operation management.

In the first half of the year, Lenovo was also addicted to the research and development of hardware products in block chain.

A block chain product in the first half of the month

Lenovo has been active in the area of block chains this year. On February 15, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a formal application for Lenovo. According to the application, Lenovo is applying for patents in the area of block chains.

In March, Lenovo launched its first block-chain handset, the S5, and stressed that new products could be safer with block-chain attachments, especially in terms of payment security.

No new hardware breakthroughs have been made, with a Quantum Colossus 625 processor, a combination of up to 4GB + 128GB storage, 16 million front and 13 million rear cameras.

If we didn't add the propaganda point of the block chain, S5 could be described as a very common thousand model.

A month later, on April 16, Lenovo launched a new "LECOO Golden Treasure" block link router. This is similar to the block chaining router on the market, and mine is shared by sharing idle bandwidth.

On June 5th Lenovo unveiled a new product, two of which are related to block chains, particle clouds and particle wallets.

Particle mine cloud is a home data storage and sharing machine. The principle of "mining" is also shared bandwidth and storage space.

Block chain particle wallet, is playing mobile phone "mining" mode, browsing the news, downloading applications, playing games, chasing drama can be extra rewards.

From this point of view, Lenovo is very fond of exploring block chain hardware, just six months to release a number of products.

It can be said that in the first year of the block chain in 2018, Lenovo was not absent, and frequently cleaned up.

Hot spots

Or is there any expectation?

There are also many kinds of block chain hardware products on the market, especially block link composers, storage devices and mobile phones.

But we also found that these products do have heat, but more conceptual products, the lack of practical products. In other words, this is an innovation for the block chain.

It is undeniable that some of these hardware products are useful attempts to explore block chains, but there are also fish and dragon mixed beads.

We also see that in the second half of the year, the heat of the block chain has dropped significantly, and there are very few hardware products about the block chain. This is also a feedback from the market, which requires entrepreneurs to be calm and precipitate rather than bold.

Nowadays block chain is recognized as a revolutionary technology, and there is a huge imagination space for its integration with other emerging technologies, especially high-tech such as VR / AR, large data, artificial intelligence.

Market ideas and practices about the integration of block chains and other technologies are also gradually increasing, and the extension of block chains is gradually expanding. A large number of Internet giants are involved.

As a company that has witnessed and experienced the whole process of the Internet, Lenovo has encountered some bottlenecks in its development, which is quite normal in a rapidly changing Internet.

In the course of more than 20 years of Internet, numerous star enterprises have died and more innovators have been born. This is the constant law of the market, and is the only way to develop the Internet rapidly.

Some people say that Lenovo has entered the "midlife crisis", and the opponent is not others, but it is himself.

This phrase is like a parrot. Lenovo needs the courage of "association" and the courage to try something new.

It is an unchangeable truth that large corporations do not depend on profits for a long time, but on the ability to grasp trends at every wave.

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