Global Times commentary: Japanese clown kicking comfort women is also humiliating Taiwan.

Global Times commentary: Japanese clown kicking comfort women is also humiliating Taiwan.

Original title: editorial: Japanese clown kicking comfort women, also humiliating Taiwan

Japan's right-wing group, the National Movement for the Truth of Comfort Women, and other representatives sent Shihiko Fujii to Tainan on the 6th to debate the establishment of a bronze statue of comfort women by the Tainan Association for the Promotion of the Equality of Human Rights of Comfort Women and the Kuomintang. Not wanting Fujii to kick a bronze statue of a comfort woman on the spot has aroused great indignation among Taiwanese people.

The bronze statue was unveiled in Tainan on August 14, with Ma Ying-jeou, the former "president" of Taiwan and the former chairman of the Kuomintang, participating in the ceremony. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei expressed "great regret" for this, and "representatives of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" in Taiwan also met with Kuomintang Chairman Wu Dunyi to express "serious concern".

During World War II, Japan forcibly recruited a large number of young women in the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, mainland China and other places to provide sexual services for the Japanese front. The total number of comfort women was considered as high as 400,000 by some researchers. This crime has been widely condemned by Asian public opinion so far, and South Korea, from the government to the people, has a particularly strong attitude of demanding an apology and compensation from Japan. However, there is a saying that comfort women are "voluntary commercial acts" in Japan, trying to justify the atrocities of the Japanese army.

Setting up a statue of a comfort woman is a way for those who call for justice to comfort their victims and to fight Japan's denial of that historical power. There are at least 40 statues of comfort women in various parts of the world, including the famous ones in front of the entrance of the Japanese Embassy in South Korea, in front of the Japanese Consulate General in Pusan and Hong Kong, on the campus of Shanghai Normal University and St. Mary's Square in San Francisco.

On the issue of comfort women, however, the attitude of the DPP authorities in Taiwan is the most serious. After the bronze statues of Tainan comfort women were set up, the Taiwan authorities quickly put aside the relationship, saying that it was done by the people. Xie Changting, the Taiwan representative in Japan, also attacked the Kuomintang on this point, saying that this practice "destroyed the friendship between Taiwan and Japan".

Representatives of Japan's right-wing organizations came to Taiwan in an arrogant manner to "debate" and dared to kick the bronze statue of comfort women with their feet openly, that is, to bully the DPP authorities. Some netizens lamented that the Japanese right-wing representatives would never dare to come to the mainland and South Korea to kick the bronze statues of comfort women, and would not dare to do so in the United States, because he will face extremely serious consequences.

The Fujii, who kicked the bronze statue of the comfort woman, first scolded netizens on Facebook, calling the comfort woman "nausea" was "made up", but quickly deleted the post itself. On Monday he declared that he had not kicked the bronze statue of the comfort woman, but was "numb" and was "stretched" and photographed. It seems that this person is not only very extreme in position, but also morally low, dare to do and dare to be full of lies.

The Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan (DPP) authorities almost flattered Japan to a kneeling position with no dignity. The fundamental reason is that it adopted a policy of hostility to the mainland and could only cling to the legs of the United States and Japan. During Ma Ying-jeou's reign, Taiwan could still argue with Japan on specific issues. However, Cai's attitude toward Japan fell into a thousand miles.

This is a serious loss to Taiwan's interests. Taiwan's position in front of Japan has never been so low as it is today. This fully demonstrates that confrontation with the mainland is an unacceptable burden for Taiwan. The only way for Taiwan to regain its foreign self-esteem is to reconcile the two sides of the Strait and fundamentally change its strategic situation.

From the time Japan forced the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki after the defeat of the Sino-Japanese War to the end of World War II, Taiwan was occupied by Japan for about half a century. It was a very dark period, and about 650,000 Taiwanese were killed. But now the Taiwanese authorities are trying to beautify that period, and how embarrassing it is to put on such historical makeup.

We do not think it is legitimate to develop friendly relations with Japan that East Asian societies need to continue to feud with Japan today for historical reasons. However, this does not affect everyone's memory of history and respect for historical facts. In particular, Japanese society should respect East Asian society's memory of that painful history and not actively stimulate it by denying history and other radicals.

Such evils as Fujii kicking comfort women are not only the anger of the public on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, but also the condemnation and moral cutting of Japan. This clown must not be allowed to stir up old wounds and pain in East Asian societies.

Editor in chief: Yu Pengfei

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