Xinhua News Agency analyzed the article: how to break the block chain chain competition?

Xinhua News Agency analyzed the article: how to break the block chain chain competition?

Xinhua news agency, Hongkong, September 10 issue: block chain "100 chain competition", landing difficult how to crack?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Linlin, Yan Yan

Block chaining technology is expected to become another disruptive technology after Internet and AI. However, under the upsurge of "100-chain competition", there are not many high-frequency block chain applications in people's mobile phones. Why is it difficult for technology to land? How to solve it? Where is the opportunity? On the 9th, at the "First Global Forum on New Technology Industries" in Hong Kong, people from the industry, academia and political circles held a heated discussion.

Reboot: landing application with hundred flowers, "feel aware" still need time.

Last September 4th, China completely halted the first token currency financing of digital currency. Over the past year, the industry has ushered in the "restart moment". The scrambled chaos has been effectively curbed, and the application of block chain landing application has been opened.

Wang Feng, founder of Mars Finance, said: "The past year has been a"warm sun"for the block chain industry. True technicians have flooded in from the Internet and many other industries. Startups and capital companies that focus on landing applications are increasingly recognizing the importance of global distribution."

"Block Chain +" has been involved in finance, logistics, medical and health care, entertainment media, legal services and other categories. Block Chain technology to achieve food traceability, music digital copyright, evidence preservation, charitable fund pursuit and other applications have also entered people's lives.

Deng Di, chairman of Taiyiyun, a new three-board block chain enterprise, believes that the overall pattern of the block chain industry is still "hot on-line and cold off-line", and the application of block chain is limited. "It will be very difficult for enterprises to survive without a methodology that combines the block chain technology with the real economy and consumer life under the big wave of sand washing."

Wang Wei, director of the China Financial Museum, said the block chain was still a frontier technology 5 years ago. Now, block chaining technology has become "common sense". Block chain "super application" is still a long time to come, but the challenges of cutting-edge technology can not be avoided, no one can beat the trend, rather than passive acceptance, it is better to embrace.

Interpretation Bureau: focus on trivial matters and live on the "edge"

According to the tower chain think tank statistics, the number of global block chain projects has risen to 1620, and more than two global block chain projects are included on average every day. The number of chain projects in China is 786, accounting for 48.5% of the total, almost half of the total.

The competition of landing applications will follow the law of large numbers. In the future, there will be a trillion dollar market value of block chain companies born, but most enterprises will inevitably escape the fate of the "cannon fodder" to pave the way for future generations. Wang Wei said.

How to become a leader in the world? Yuan Dao, chairman of Zhongguancun Block Chain Industry Alliance, believes that we should focus on small things, live on the "edge" and start from the smallest unit.

In addition, Yu Jianing, vice chairman of the block chain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said: "The most advanced technical design, if it can not reflect the value, improve the quality and efficiency, and can not effectively solve the real economic problems, are all castles in the air. Finding the ground gas scene is the key."

Block chain is not omnipotent, but ignoring block chain is absolutely impossible. Block chain technology is facing challenges such as capacity expansion, cost reduction, privacy protection and user experience enhancement, says Vitalic Butlin, founder of Ethafford. "Block chain technology is not omnipotent, the key is to find the real" application "of technology.

Opportunity: who will dominate?

In 2018, block chain entered a high-speed development year in the world. Many local governments in China have issued a series of specific policies to support the application of block chain technology. Among them, Yangpu District in Shanghai is actively preparing to build a "base + fund + think tank + community ecology + training" block chain innovation and demonstration platform.

Ban Ki-moon, chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia and former Secretary-General of the United Nations, said in his speech at the Forum that the United Nations has adopted block chain technology in areas such as climate change, UNICEF operations and food stamps for refugees. New technologies are providing new frameworks and solutions for human anti-terrorism, cultural protection, global education, climate change, environmental protection and many other issues.

The technology of block chain is changing the traditional economic form. Xu Yuanzhong, chairman of Dasansheng Group, said that these technologies will bring intuitive changes to human beings. The competition between the male and the female has already begun, and it still needs hard work to decide who is in charge of the ups and downs. (finish)

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