Can Zhang Yong give Ali a chemical reaction?

Can Zhang Yong give Ali a chemical reaction?

Wang Hai

[Ali has merged its hungry Moho and word-of-mouth businesses into a new company, and Ali and Softbank, the flagship local life services company, have made it clear that they will invest an additional $3 billion. ]

For larger enterprises, finding successors is a worldwide problem. Many top companies are trapped by finding the right successors and completing a smooth transition. Alibaba's original partnership system and talent echelon, with the mechanism to solve the problem of luck to the greatest extent.

Over the past 19 years, Alibaba has completed iterations from B2B to C2C, from C2C to B2C, to new retail business models, from PC-side Alibaba to mobile-side Alibaba.

In my opinion, unlike Ma Yun's romanticism, Zhang Yong, a financially educated man, is more pragmatic and dares to "challenge" the internal tradition.

Zhang Yong's key impact on Alibaba is to lead the successful transition of mobile phone Taobao in 2014. Zhang Yong proposed the "allin wireless" strategy, with the group's efforts to make mobile Taobao the world's largest mobile e-commerce platform, so that Alibaba wireless to complete a thrilling leap. It can be said that Zhang Yong laid the most important foundation for Alibaba to change from PC to mobile Internet.

In recent years, Alibaba has invested boldly in logistics, offline entry, cloud computing, payment technology, AI and other commercial infrastructure. In Zhang Yong's scenario, the future is not just about e-commerce and payment, but cloud computing, logistics and entertainment are also broadening Ali's business landscape, and they are more likely to have fantastic chemical reactions with each other.

Take "88VIP" as an example. It is dedicated to breaking through different user scenarios such as shopping, catering, entertainment, etc. It is also Zhang Yong's latest attempt to integrate different departments to produce chemical reactions. Users can get a card in their hands and enjoy the membership rights of different types of products and services, such as Tiancat, hungry, shrimp music, Youku, etc. Compared to the scattered data generated by social interaction, Ali uses the data accumulated in different scenes to be more structured and three-dimensional, and traditional functional members can be promoted to ecological members.

Not only internally, how to make use of external ecological power is also crucial. In August this year, Starbucks and Alibaba reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation, involving Alibaba's hungry, box, Taobao, Alipay, Tmall, word of mouth and other core businesses, and the membership system will also be fully opened up.

However, the external challenges faced by Alibaba are not small. Tencent, the US corps, Jingdong, and many others have organized the formation of competition in all dimensions.

In the first four months of 2018, the company achieved revenue of 15.824 billion yuan, more than 13 billion yuan in 2016, nearly half of the annual revenue of 33.9 billion yuan in 2017. This figure nearly doubled in the first four months of 2017, operating income of 8 billion 119 million yuan. Specifically, the current income of the troupe mainly comes from food and beverage take-out, restaurants and restaurants, new business and other three parts, accounting for 61.2%, 27.5%, 11.3% of the total income.

Perhaps feeling the change in the industry, Ali will be hungry and word-of-mouth business integration into a new company, the two will continue to operate independently, the new holding company CEO by Zhang Yong concurrently. Ali and Softbank, the flagship of the local life service, made it clear they would invest an additional $3 billion.

"For Ali, ecology means height." Zhang Yong said in an interview with the media, "Ali any front, any column, any corps, in the market can find very strong competitors, but the key is, we are a family, all together can create what kind of chemical reactions, how to build a system of advantages."

Zhang Yong once said, "strategy is fought, not summed up." Through a series of investments and acquisitions, he built the entire ecology for Ali, constantly extending the vast territory of the Ali economy. "The acquisition is a kind of undertaking, it is necessary to open the veins of blood to produce chemical reactions," Zhang Yong said in an analysis of Ali's acquisition strategy.

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