Industry running points "normalization" fake HUAWEI "cry for mercy"

Industry running points

Industry run test "normalization" fake HUAWEI "cry for mercy" called temporary shelf related data

Li Na Liu Gongping

[A recent report by Counterpoint, a global research firm, showed that the overall performance of the smartphone market in China in the first half of 2018 was not as good as expected, with sales down 10% year on year. ]

UL Benchmarks, the parent company of the well-known benchmark software 3DMark, announced recently that Huawei P20Pro, nova3 and Glory Play were deleted from the database because "Huawei's running scores were optimized and could not reach the level of running scores in daily use".

UL Benchmarks says this could be achieved by identifying previously marked 3DMark applications and turning on high-performance mode in run-point testing. Data show that the score of the public version is 47% higher than that of the internal version.

In response, Huawei said in a statement to First Financial Reporter that mobile phone score does not represent the user's final use experience, satisfying the user's actual experience is greater than the pursuit of score results. But in order to avoid confusion about the results of the current run, UL and Huawei discussed the unanimous decision to temporarily remove a series of Huawei equipment run-point data, and Huawei authorized all its mobile phone users to access the "performance mode" after restoring the score.

On the authenticity of the runs, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Consumer BG Software Engineering, said in an interview during the IFA that smartphone runs were common and other companies were doing such tests and scored high marks. Huawei could not remain silent.

"Major mobile phone and computer manufacturers will also run as the focus of publicity, to create a good visual impression of mobile phone performance, but mixed with a lot of moisture." Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the China Mobile Phone Alliance, told reporters that it is common to cheat when brands squeeze each other's share.

Sub running data

In a recent mobile phone review, several of Huawei's handsets were identified as "catty" because software was installed on their devices to detect whether running applications were running.

That is, during the benchmark, when the software identifies an application running under the name 3DMARK, it maximizes all Huawei handset processing performance and completely ignores TDP thermal design power recommendations to ensure that a very high score is eventually achieved. However, in general, such performance can not be maintained for a long time.

3DMark is the industry's more well-known testing software, Huawei has been deleted from the three mobile phone runs.

Huawei and UL subsequently issued a joint statement on the Run-off Incident, Huawei said in the discussion that Huawei explained to UL the current AI smart phone scheduling mechanism. Due to different performance requirements in different scenarios, the latest version of Huawei smart phone system can use advanced technologies such as AI intelligent scheduling to enable hardware performance. Give full play to meet users' needs in different scenarios.

Although there are objections to Huawei's default startup of "performance mode" in run-off scenarios, UL understands. The two sides agreed that in order to respect the user's choice, Huawei will open the "performance mode" to users in EMUI version 9.0, so that users can choose to open the mode when necessary.

The two sides also discussed the current industry run test method. To avoid confusion about the results of the current run, UL and Huawei agreed to temporarily dismount a series of Huawei equipment run-point data and restore the score after Huawei authorized all its mobile phone users to access the "performance model".

Huawei says it has been working with industry partners for more than a year to find the best test approach to the user experience. Take telephone quality as an example, there is a standardized test method around the world, the test results can be recognized by the industry, all manufacturers are also working towards an objective result. But on the game test, Wang Chenglu said: "Other people are doing the same test, and get high marks, Huawei can not keep silent."

Competition anxiety

Running points cheating is not a new thing in the mobile phone industry.

As early as 2013, the Samsung Exynos processor version GalaxyS4 appeared cheating. In 2014, Huawei's AscendP7 was cancelled by 3DMark because of similar cheating. When the mobile phone detects the evaluation tool, it opens more cores, improves efficiency and achieves higher scores.

Wang Yanhui told reporters that the fundamental reason why people are keen on running points is that many consumers will run points as a basis for selecting products. "It's hard for consumers to decide which handset is good or not when Android handsets are heavily homogeneous and over-packaged with configuration terms."

Especially in the current situation of increasing competitive pressure, a variety of methods for debugging scores may be used.

China's smartphone market as a whole did not perform as expected in the first half of 2018, with sales down 10% from a year earlier, according to a recent report by Counterpoint, a global research firm. On the one hand, the pace of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to release flagship models has accelerated significantly, the head of the enterprise has been exploring the upper limit of product prices, intends to compete for Apple, Samsung dominated the high-end market. On the other hand, the reshuffle between the three line and the six line brand is becoming more and more intense. The smartphone market has completely become a bloody sea of stock competition in a situation where the overall market size can not be sustained and significantly expanded without more incremental space to explore.

Mr. Wang said Huawei wanted to face up to the huge competition, but because other manufacturers always put "unreal" performance first, it became very difficult. In an interview with Anandtech, he said that in the Android ecosystem, other vendors gave misleading runs that made cheating "common in China". Huawei wants to be honest with consumers, but it is hard for them to do so because competitors have been publishing untrue runs.

"But anyway, the score contest still needs to continue, but the user perception is real, which should become the direction of domestic mobile phone efforts." Wang Yanhui told reporters.

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