Japan's right wing went to Taiwan to kick comfort women like DPP authorities did not dare to utter a word.

Japan's right wing went to Taiwan to kick comfort women like DPP authorities did not dare to utter a word.

The original title: Japan's right-wing kicked the stage "comfort women" like, the DPP dare not speak, the island people can not hold back...

"History can be forgiven, but can not be tampered with," said Zhang Wenwen, a special correspondent for the Global Times in Taipei. A few days ago, Japanese right-wing group representative Shihiko Fujii was shot and kicked the bronze statue of "comfort women" in Tainan, triggering public anger on the island. KMT Tainan Party Chairman Xie Longjie led the people north to protest the "Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" on the 10th. Public opinion analysis on the island said that the DPP authorities blindly flattered Japan, had an ambiguous attitude on the issue of "comfort women" and failed to show respect for Japan's weakness. On the contrary, the Japanese right-wingers had intensified, and this foot was a humiliation to Taiwan. Taiwan's "United News Network" said that if the "delegate to Japan" Xie Changting chose to remain silent or defend the Japanese, not only to be ashamed of Taiwan, the "delegate to Japan" will be cursed with his life.

"Make sure he comes to Taiwan to appear in court."

After the bronze statue of "comfort women" in Tainan was exposed, Xie Longjie led the Association for the Promotion of Human Rights Equality of "comfort women" in Tainan from north to South on the 10th. Taiwan's "Dongsen News" said the protestors wore "tough" white T-shirts, white masks and white flowers, shouting slogans such as "Japan's apology, Japan's compensation" and "Xie Changting hardened" and demanding an apology from the "representative of Japan-Taiwan Association" Kenji Fukuda (pictured). Former Taipei county magistrate Zhou Xiwei, legislators Wang Yumin and others came to show their support. Xie Longjie stressed that the whole incident was not caused by them, but the other side "intruded into the door" to make such a bad move.

However, Mr. Fukuda was reluctant to show up. The Japanese units in Taiwan demanded that the protestors put their love letters on the ground. There was a conflict between the two sides. The United News Network said the protestors were outraged and pounded eggs at the association building, denouncing Cai Ying, Xie Changting and Yoshida as "X sons". Finally, after coordination, agreed to let the "comfort women" Association for the Promotion of Human Rights Equality Huang Shuzhen and other representatives to submit a love letter, "Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" was sent to Tian Zhong, general affairs director for acceptance.

According to inbound and outbound management information, Fujii Shihiko left Taiwan on Saturday, the United News Network disclosed on the 10th. Xie Longjie said that he would never give up on this matter. After preparing the information for these two days, he would immediately file a relevant lawsuit against Fujii. "He must be allowed to appear in court."

"This is a shame on Taiwan."

Luo Zhiqiang, the former deputy secretary-general of the Presidential Palace, criticized on Facebook that the Japanese dared not go to South Korea to kick, but invaded Taiwan and that "100% was caused by the weakness and flattery of the DPP." He also questioned, "who are the biggest accomplices to encourage Fujii's arrogance, Cai Yingwen and Xie Changting?" Jiang Qichen, general convener of the Kuomintang League, said that the "comfort women" incident, like being kicked by the Japanese, highlighted the fact that the Cai administration's low profile on the historical issue of "comfort women" did not earn equal respect, but was a collective humiliation to the mother and women of Taiwan. Su Heng, a candidate for the Taipei City Council of the New Party, said that today the Japanese dare to invade Tainan and humiliate Grandma because the Taiwanese are too weak to change to the mainland and South Korea. Do they dare? Taiwan has a flattering government and "representatives of helping Japan" eager to donate money to Japan, the people of Taiwan have to fight for their own dignity.

On the afternoon of the 10th, New Party spokesman Wang Bingzhong and others joined in the ranks of support, and announced that Taipei citizens will launch a "referendum" proposal, asking the Taipei city government to erect a permanent "comfort women" statue. Wang Bingzhong revealed that they had bought more than 30 buses with the words "Japanese government apologizes to comfort women for apologizing" printed in the advertisement, driving in the location of the "Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" every day. On the evening of October 10, four members of the "China Unification Promotion Party" sprinkled paint on the "Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" to protest, shouting for "blood repayment" and safeguarding the dignity of the Chinese nation.

Taiwan authorities are weak in attitude.

Former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou presided over the inauguration of the first bronze statue of "comfort women" in Tainan on the International Day of Commemoration of "comfort women" on August 14. This led to Japan's discontent. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei expressed "great regret" for the incident, and Kenji Okada also visited Ma Ying-jeou and Kuomintang President Wu Dunyi, hoping to "properly handle" and "comfort women" bronze statue, was rejected on the spot.

The DPP authorities hastened to explain to Japan, setting up "comfort women" like "voluntary action for civil society" to put aside relations. Xie Changting, the "representative" of the Taiwan authorities in Japan, alluded to the Kuomintang's expansion of the "contradiction between Taiwan and Japan" and complained that the establishment of "comfort women" seemed to be an opposition party's "attempt to undermine Taiwan-Japan relations". Against this background, Japan's National Movement for the Truth of Comfort Women and other groups sent representatives to Tainan with "open questioning" to discuss the issue of "comfort women". But Xie Longjie later discovered that surveillance video showed Fujii kicking the bronze statue of "comfort woman" with his foot before entering the door, and putting a foot kicking position beside the bronze statue for people to take photos.

The arrogance of some Japanese rightists aroused public anger on the island. Fujii's Twitter has been "captured" by Taiwanese netizens, and many people have turned to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Facebook message asking Fujii to apologize immediately to the bronze statue of "comfort woman," the United News Network reported on October 10.

However, a spokesman for Taiwan's "Foreign Ministry" said on the 10th that details were being obtained and called on all circles to deal with them in a peaceful and rational manner. Huang Weizhe, a Democratic Progressive Party candidate for mayor of Tainan, even accused the Kuomintang of manipulating historical hatred in order to achieve political goals.

According to the Lianhe Daily, Japan's war-time forcible conquest and luring Taiwanese women into serving as "comfort women" is an iron fact. Fujii's kicking bronze statues on the spot has gone beyond the red line in any case, insulting not only "comfort women" and "comfort women" who set up bronze statues, but also the Kuomintang where the association is located. More humiliating the land, history and people of Taiwan, "how can we take it lightly?" The article holds that the DPP has long hoped to use the Taiwan-Japan partnership to counter the mainland, but the development of Taiwan-Japan relations can never be reversed by flattering Japan. On the contrary, the history of Taiwan's selective treatment of "comfort women" or the silence of the ruling party will make Beijing doubt that some people in Taiwan want to borrow the idea of "emperor-citizenization". We want to achieve the goal of "de Sinicization" and influence cross-strait relations.

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