Chess and card game can only be abandoned? Tencent shutting down Dezhou Poker

Chess and card game can only be abandoned? Tencent shutting down Dezhou Poker

Original title: Tencent shut down "Dezhou Poker"! In the face of gambling, chess and card games can only be abandoned.

This year's game companies are having a hard time, and Tencent's game business has also been affected by the temporary "freeze" of game numbers.

On September 10, Tencent Chess and Card Game "Daily Texas" officially launched the delisting, September 10, 10:00 stop recharging and tournament services, September 25, 10:00 will close the game server and empty the data.

At present, the game ranks No. 2 in the best-selling list of Weixin games, second only to the "happy fight landlords". However, this popular game is still shut down by Tencent.

Industry insiders told the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter, chess and card games are easy to fall into the "gambling" vortex, so the supervision of chess and card games in particular attention, Tencent closed "Texas every day" in reason.

Reporters also noted that the early listing of old chess and card game companies in the public announcement disclosed that the domestic Texas and PC chess and card games will be sold, completely transformed from chess and card enterprises. Faced with the challenge of dealing with gambling, many online game of chess and cards give the answer of "abandoning the card".

Chess or card games are facing the most stringent supervision.

Some analysts believe that the closure of "Dezhou every day" may be related to the total control of the game before.

On August 30, the official website of the Ministry of Education issued a circular issued by eight departments on the issue of the "Comprehensive Program for the Prevention and Control of Myopia among Children and Adolescents". The State Press and Publication Administration will regulate the total amount of online games, control the number of new online games, explore an age-appropriate reminder system in line with the national conditions, and take measures to restrict minors. People use time.

At that time, some analysts believed that the main control object of the regulation was the chess and card category in the market segmentation. Tencent said in today's announcement that Dezhou will begin delisting replacement/compensation activities every day from September 15, 2018 to September 25, 10:00, in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Management of Online Games and the Notice of the Ministry of Culture on Regulating the Operation of Online Games to Strengthen the Supervision Work after the Event.

Tencent officials did not comment too much on this, but a person close to Tencent told reporters that Tencent closed Tiantian Dezhou, on the one hand is the regulatory role, Tencent has been very concerned about the policy wind; on the other hand, from its own business adjustment considerations, a chess and card game delisting on Tencent. The noise is not loud.

Reporters noted that since the "daily Texas" game came on line two years ago, there has been a lot of negative public opinion, the main criticism is "gambling." As early as two years ago, Tencent made rectification on the issue of currency traders who were easy to gamble.

As a matter of fact, the overall supervision of chess and card games is becoming more and more strict. In March this year, major channel operators such as Huawei, Tencent, Peapod, Millet and Apple received a "special urgency" from the Ministry of Culture, "letter of assistance" to investigate the platform of chess and card games. In April, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism convened a "ventilation meeting" of 15 key enterprises in the game industry, demanding that all platforms not provide downloads of Texas games from now on, and that the operation of Texas Games be completely terminated by June 1.

What is more serious is the red line involving gambling, and the supervision of relevant departments is also increasing. On May 9, the Ministry of Public Security reported that the Ministry of Public Security supervised and directed a large number of major casino cases using online games platform, and successfully destroyed a number of online game platforms covering legitimate business qualifications and making profits through chess and cards and entertainment games.

However, an industry analyst told reporters anonymously that the details of the current total control are not clear, specific regulations and impact need to wait for the official seal of supervision, the daily delisting of Texas will certainly have a certain impact on the chess and card game market, the future of chess and card games may enter the "ice age".

Chess and card listed companies seek transformation

In 1998, with the Lianzhong game online, China online chess game officially started.

The early game of chess and cards was a national leisure and entertainment platform dominated by strangers'competition, such as Lianzhong and QQ game hall. With the introduction of JJ competition mode, chess and cards become more competitive, and the brand of chess and cards began to expand the market through chess and cards competitions, film and games.

Data Eye & amp; S + "Mobile Chess and Card Game Research Report 2017" shows that mobile game users pay more than the average mobile game, to 3.77%.

Chess game gold absorbing ability is gratifying, capital level attention is also more and more. Since the second half of 2016, more and more game companies have incorporated chess and card games into their business territory through acquisitions and acquisitions, such as Tianshen Entertainment's acquisition of Jiaxing Play and Kunlun Wanwei's acquisition of leisure entertainment.

However, with the occurrence of all kinds of border ball game supervision, the supervision of chess and card games is becoming more and more strict, and the days of game manufacturers are beginning to be difficult.

Every reporter noticed that the old chess and card game company Lianzhong issued a semi-annual report on August 31. The financial report showed that Lianzhong carried out asset sales divestiture in the first half of the year, its revenue in the first half of 2018 reached 159 million yuan, down 9.5% year on year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies including one-time asset sales impairment was 4.03%. Billion yuan, down 637% over the same period last year.

In the semiannual report, Unicom said it had decided to sell Dezhou and PC chess and card games in China. At the same time, Unicom also decided to transform from chess and card enterprises to global sports and entertainment groups, focusing on WPT business and union competition, with frequent overseas distribution. It can be seen that after the regulatory storm, Lianzhong has decided to completely transform and seek a new development path.

In addition, Chess and Card listed companies Boya interaction performance is not satisfactory, the semi-annual report shows that as of June 30, 2018, the company's revenue 284 million yuan, down 31% year-on-year. In terms of products, "Texas Poker" and "fight the landlord" and other board games to support the main revenue of Boya interaction. According to the analysis, under the tight policy situation, the future development of its core product, Dezhou poker, is uncertain. Boya Interactive said it would further expand its overseas market and other chess and card games business in the future to offset the impact of policy risk factors.

At present, the market value of Lianzhong is HK $842 million, and the market value of Boya interactive is about HK $1 billion 390 million.

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