China and the United States launch the 5G dominance debate: Wall Street Journal: China has been leading

China and the United States launch the 5G dominance debate: Wall Street Journal: China has been leading

Original title: China and the United States launch the debate on 5G dominance: US media: China has led the potential for huge returns.

Reference News Network reported on September 11 that the early wave of mobile communications was largely driven by U.S. and European companies. With the advent of the next era, the 5G era, the way people use the Internet is bound to be transformed again, and a competition is unfolding to determine whether the United States or China dominates.

Equipment manufacturers and telecom service providers in China and the United States are racing to test and promote the next generation of wireless networks, which will be 100 times faster than the existing 4G standard, the Wall Street Journal reported on September 9. The government is also involved in it - China's push for this is even greater.

Although 5G economics is still in the pipeline, promoters say the potential rewards are huge. Countries with the largest and most reliable networks can seize the opportunities and speed up R & D technology. Market-dominant equipment suppliers can give national intelligence agencies and the military an edge in monitoring and disrupting rival national networks.

According to some standards, China is leading. Since 2013, government-led committees have collaborated with Chinese mobile operators and equipment manufacturers in testing and development. The country-led attitude and the huge domestic market ensure that Chinese companies like Huawei can sell large quantities of 5G equipment and gain valuable experience in the process.

In the United States, most of the trials were led by AT&T, Verizon Telecom, Samsung Electronics and Nokia.

Reported that the 5G competition is followed by tit-for-tat regulatory measures aimed at ensuring national advantages. In March, the Trump administration blocked Singapore-based Bloomberg's bid to buy Qualcomm, a US chip giant and 5G industry leader, citing concerns that it might cut its R&D spending and put Chinese companies ahead of the 5G industry.

Reported that China will 5G as a priority development goal. The U.S. led the construction of 4G networks at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, much like European standards for 3G control.

According to a Deloitte study in August, China has built about 350,000 cellular base stations since 2015, compared with less than 30,000 in the United States. The report also pointed out that in China, there are 14.1 base stations per 10 thousand people, while there are only 4.7 base stations per 10 thousand people in the United States. This is very important for 5G construction, because the new network needs more base stations than 4G.

Reported that the real performance of China's 5G industry promotion is a 5G laboratory operated by the government near the Great Wall in northern Beijing.

Engineers and managers who visited the huge facility said it contained prototypes of base stations and mobile devices, and every major Chinese mobile operator and equipment manufacturer had both indoor and outdoor facilities.

The experiment was conducted jointly by technology companies, universities and research institutes under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Their goal is to complete the test by the end of the year.

China Mobile's chief scientist, Yi Zhiling, said that after the trials, China Mobile will conduct its own experiments in 17 cities. It is estimated that China's 5G services will be ready for commercial preparation by 2020.

In January, a senior U.S. National Security Council official proposed the idea of using a government-led effort to build a national wireless network to rival Beijing, but regulators and officials said it was too expensive and unrealistic.

"5G is a very important strategic project for China," said Edison Lee, a telecom analyst at Jeffery Investment Bank in Hong Kong. Because if you set foot on the threshold of 5G, they can get involved in 6G, 7G and 8G.

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