107 gang members of 8 evil forces were prosecuted on the same day: someone was arrested for violence.

107 gang members of 8 evil forces were prosecuted on the same day: someone was arrested for violence.

Original title: 8 evil forces 107 people were prosecuted by Chongqing prosecutors on the same day.

On September 10, seven procuratorates, including Yongchuan District, Jiulongpo District, Yuzhong District, Youyang County, Hechuan District, Nanchuan District and Shapingba District, jointly prosecuted 107 members of the eight evil gangs in some districts and counties of Chongqing.

"This is another powerful struggle offensive launched at the key nodes of the city's in-depth promotion of the special struggle against crime and evil, which has achieved precision and ruthlessness and has achieved prestige and effectiveness." On the same day, Li Jianchao, deputy chief procurator of Chongqing Procuratorate, presided over a special press conference on the struggle against crime and crime. Liang Tian, deputy chief procurator of Chongqing Procuratorate, informed 16 media of the periodic results of the special struggle against crime and crime of the city's procuratorial organs. Up to now, the procuratorial organs of Chongqing have prosecuted 62 criminal cases involving criminal gangs and 418 people, including 13 cases involving criminal gangs and 61 cases involving criminal gangs and 405 cases involving criminal gangs.

It is understood that since the launching of the special struggle against crime and evil, the procuratorial organs in Chongqing have made great efforts in handling cases, deepening the investigation and strengthening the comprehensive management of the society, thus forming a good working situation with responsibility in place, interaction between the upper and lower levels and integration. The three "key words" of Chongqing's procuratorial organs in sweeping out the crime and wiping out evil are to crack down early, double-check one case and procuratorial suggestions.

Early and small fight, zero tolerance for crimes committed by evil forces

Peng Mougang and nine other criminal groups of evil forces were arrested in this round of crime sweeping. They were indicted on suspicion of extortion. This case, the first case of "campus loan" in Chongqing, has caused a great shock in Yongchuan district and even in Chongqing.

Prosecutors accused criminal gangs headed by Peng Mougang of gathering in a city in Hunan Province to operate technology companies, mainly for college students and other network loans, through beforehand entrapment to sign contracts to control personal information, in the event of arbitrary determination of breach of a high debt base, after the event to take the exposure of privacy, to take measures to expose. Threats such as defamation and reputation threaten to gain huge amounts of money by soft violence.

Since September 2017, dozens of college students have been deceived, and some of the victims have been suspended from school and hospitalized because of excessive pressure. The criminal gangs of this evil force seriously affect the victim's life and study, resulting in extremely bad social impact.

"Focus on the key areas, key industries and key areas with outstanding criminal-related problems, adhere to the spirit of"cracking down early, cracking down on minor crimes"and"cracking down on facts"so as to crack down on the"zero tolerance"spirit of criminal crimes committed by the evil forces, the"zero slack"spirit of criminal crimes committed by the evil forces, and focus on the 12 categories of criminal evils most strongly reflected by the masses of the people." Power crime. " Liang Tian said, among them, "campus loans" and "routine loans" and other serious impact on the people's personal and property security crimes, has become the top priority of this crackdown.

In order to ensure the effective leadership and proper execution of the special struggle, the procuratorial organs of Chongqing have set up a leading group for the special struggle against crime and evil, headed by He Hengyang, the chief procurator of the Municipal Procuratorate, to unify the organization, leadership, overall planning and coordination of the special struggle of the procuratorial organs of the whole city, and to establish and improve the reporting line of criminal cases by the gangsters. There are many working mechanisms, such as soliciting management, discovering and transferring clues to duty violations and discipline violations, consulting major criminal gangsters and so on. The city's procuratorate also dispatched 10 inspection teams led by the leaders of the hospital to conduct on-the-spot guidance and inspection on five branches and 19 grass-roots courts, and to achieve full coverage of special inspection on 38 grass-roots courts in the city, forming a pattern of "first-in-charge" commanding ahead in an all-round way and taking charge of the leadership in particular.

Double check in one case makes the evil forces "umbrella" nowhere to hide.

Recently, Li Mou, a government worker in Fuling District of Chongqing, was transferred by Fuling District Procuratorate to discipline inspection and supervision organ in time for the suspected crime of accepting bribes and abusing his power. The "umbrella" involved in this crime is the case of Li Mouwen and other people gathered to fight and illegal mining.

"Insist on checking every case and double checking one case." Liang Tian said. To resolutely and severely punish the crimes committed by the evil forces and their "protective umbrellas", the Chongqing procuratorial organs have taken the deep-going investigation of the "relationship network" and "protective umbrella" of the evil forces as the important criteria for measuring the effectiveness of the special struggle, combining the eradication of evil and anti-corruption with the grass-roots "swatter flies" to carry out and jointly promote the crime. Discipline clue discovery channels, strengthen cooperation with discipline inspection and supervision organs, establish a "protective umbrella" clue discovery and management mechanism, unified management by the Municipal Procuratorate's anti-crime office, transfer and investigate as a whole, implement the "clean-up" and "umbrella" clues two-way interchange, to ensure that there is a drop in the pieces, there is an echo of events. Up to now, the city's procuratorial organs have transferred to the discipline inspection and supervision organs a total of 22 pieces of clues about crimes involving party members, cadres and public officials.

Liang Tian said that the next step, the Chongqing Municipal Procuratorate will continue to dig the "umbrella" as the main attack direction, to handle and have resolved criminal cases by the evil forces as the key point, behind the evil forces "network" and "umbrella protection" as the focus of the struggle, in advance intervention, review and approval of arrest and review. We should persist in digging deeply and penetrating deeply in the process of lawsuit, realize the two-way force and resonance of "sweeping the black" and "beating the umbrella" and resolutely uproot the contingent of malignant tumor and purity.

Procuratorial suggestion to promote the improvement of social governance system

In July this year, the Jiangjin District Procuratorate in the prosecution of Xu, Zhou and other 24 triad organizations found that the organization for a long time to solicit, wrap around the campus juvenile gangs to carry out criminal activities. The Institute immediately launched an investigation and found that the inadequate education and management of students in school is one of the important reasons for juvenile delinquency. On August 27, the Institute issued a procuratorial proposal to the Jiangjin Education Commission, proposing that campus management be institutionalized, holiday management be coordinated, and legal education be normalized, so as to promote the education and management of students in schools and prevent the evil forces from spreading to the campus.

There is no coincidence. In dealing with the case of illegal mining gangs by Li Mowen and others, the Fuling District Procuratorate found that there were weak links in the daily supervision of mineral enterprises and the examination and approval of mineral resources exploitation, which were easy to breed crimes. Therefore, it issued a procuratorial proposal to the Fuling District Land and Resources Bureau to promote the perfection of the land and Resources Bureau in the region. The working mechanism of soil resources inspection, illegal treatment and illegal treatment has effectively standardized the management order of mineral resources in the whole region.

"The practice of Jiangjin and Fuling is only a microcosm of the perfection of the social governance system promoted by the procuratorial organs of Chongqing with procuratorial suggestions." Liang Tian said that Chongqing's procuratorial organs insisted on taking the special struggle against crime and evil as an opportunity to deepen comprehensive social governance and earnestly implement the "triple realm" of judicial handling of cases - distinguishing right from wrong, putting a stop to disputes, closing the case, stopping appeals and visits, promoting management and innovative governance.

Liang Tian said that while punishing the crimes committed by the Mafia forces according to law, the procuratorial organs of Chongqing have made in-depth analysis of the new areas involved in the crimes committed by the Mafia forces and the new situation of their breeding and spreading, and have taken the initiative to make special reports to the Party Committee and the government and put forward countermeasures and suggestions to promote the improvement of Party Committee leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation and the law. The social governance system for social security will actively issue procuratorial proposals to the competent departments of the industry to strengthen supervision and management, promote the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism for standardized management and prevention and control, and extrude the space for the growth and spread of evil forces to the maximum extent.

(justice net Chongqing September 10)

Editor in chief: Huo Yuang

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