Syria's 100 million cars are waiting to be released.

Syria's 100 million cars are waiting to be released.

Original title: going to sea to remember Syria, China's auto industry takes the lead in the Syrian market.

Abdul Baset Mallouk, general manager of Syria's Mallouk & amp (Co), told the satellite news agency during the 60th Damascus International Fair that the company's plant in Homs province would start operating at full capacity in November, according to Russian media reported on September 11. In the next two years, we plan to produce about 10 thousand Chinese Changan and Geely cars each year.

According to Russian satellite news agency reported on September 10, Mallock said: "Now we are about to start production, this July opened a factory in Homs Province. First of all, we will produce Changan automobile, and we will start to produce Geely Automobile in two months. The factory can produce 50 thousand Changan and Geely cars every year. In the next two years, we plan to produce about 9000-10000 cars and sell about 6000-7000 cars each year. Now the factory is in trial operation, and the official production is scheduled for November this year. "

Mulock pointed out that pre war countries allowed importing cars from abroad. However, manufacturers must now carry out production in Syria. At present, only Chinese companies start production. China's biggest competitor in the Syrian market is Russia's Rada, which is also planned to go into production in Syria. In addition, India Tata automobile also intends to produce at the plant.

He added: "Syrians like Chinese cars because they are convenient and more prestigious than cars in countries like Iran. China's automobile is fashionable, practical, easy to operate and high technology content. Syria, Russia, India and other countries do not have such performance. The company started working with Geely and Changan in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

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