Half moon: Children's education is a lot of trouble.

Half moon: Children's education is a lot of trouble.

Original title: education philosophy fight, the child has been torn up.

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Nowadays, the school-running behavior and the government's educational policy are more and more influenced by the parents and the society. It is difficult for the public to adjust their opinions and become a kind of "normal" education which can not be ignored.

Semi-monthly interview with reporters found that different roles, different goals, different family backgrounds, children's academic level differences... Both have become important factors that influence the educational concept, and the fight between the educational concept, the ultimate toss is still our children.

The policy of reducing burdens is intensive, with some praise and noise.

Since this year, voices and initiatives to reduce the extra-curricular burden of primary and secondary school students have been continuing. For example, in February, the Ministry of Education jointly issued a notice with the relevant departments to clarify the focus of the management of off-campus training institutions and governance steps, and various localities have strictly checked "unlicensed" and "ahead of schedule".

Entering summer is a frequent policy. In July, the Ministry of Education issued a Notice on the Special Administration of "Primary Schooling" in kindergartens, which clearly prohibits the teaching of Chinese phonetic alphabet, literacy, calculation and English in advance in kindergartens. Primary schools that organize tests for kindergartens in enrollment will follow the specific circumstances. The responsibilities of principals and teachers concerned.

In August, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Standardizing the Development of Off-campus Training Institutions, and put forward a series of measures to standardize the key links of Off-campus Training Institutions. After class service, we should fundamentally solve the problem of "training fever".

From the central government to all parts of the country, similar policies have been introduced, which has aroused the concern and praise of a large number of educators, parents and students. "These measures are in line with the child's growth path and the law of education, really conducive to the comprehensive development of children, help to improve the overall quality." Cai Jianguo, a counselor of the Shanghai municipal government and a professor at Tongji University, said.

However, the half moon reporter found that some parents are still wait-and-see and suspicious about the effect of the policy. "How can we take" zero start "seriously? "Who will believe in who will suffer?" "learning is never happy. You are happy now, and you will cry later." Faced with the suggestions of others and kindhearted people, many parents of "young children rising to elementary school" express that they dare not or can not let their children enter school "on a piece of white paper".

Liaoning, a Mr. Wang introduced that colleagues around is adhering to the "stocking" concept, the children into a normal is to play, do not learn cultural knowledge kindergarten. The child kindergarten stage also does not tutorial foreign language, mathematics and other courses, the result is only a month in primary school, parents were asked to talk to the teacher, said that the children can not keep up with the class, all kinds of hints "have to make up class", parents had to rush to register for several training classes.

At the fence forum where Shanghai residents gathered, the "latest news, eight ministries and commissions notified: primary schools in the first and second grades are not allowed to assign homework" posts, some people said that "children can play happily now", and some netizens immediately posted "pretty good, more quality of their own layout", "school load reduction, school homework." The tendency to increase external burden is obvious.

While reducing pressure and overweight, the idea of "chicken blood" is difficult to stop.

Semi-monthly interview with reporters found that although some parents began to touch and reflect, but all for the examination and entrance to school, the concept of score first still exists, and constantly spawned a variety of "chicken blood" and "fight doll" behavior.

Sept. 1 was the opening day for schools all over the country, but the girl who had entered the fourth grade of primary school had to go to the hospital first because of constipation. "It may be that summer is too tired and too stressed." Niu Niu's mother told a half-month reporter that her child's life during the summer vacation was fully arranged: "Before 9:30 a.m. running training for an hour, then tutoring classes, afternoon fencing lessons."

Located in the Pengcheng Education Center Building of Wuchang Fruit Lake, Wuhan City, more than 10 tutorial institutions are piled up, each classroom is full of students, and the curriculum is full. When children are off classes at the same time, they are not only elevators, but even staircases are crowded.

"Get into the classroom at 8:15 a.m. and don't go home until 5:30 p.m. Even lunch is for takeout, or it's a simple solution at the snack bar downstairs." Xiao Du's mother told reporters half a month, this summer vacation to the children enrolled in foreign language four courses, spent more than 20,000 yuan. "The first child is going to have a mid-term exam. If you don't have classes ahead of time and brush up on textbook knowledge and extra curricular questions, it's hard to get high marks.

Some parents said, looking at the children's hard work, will also be painful, entangled, but the reason for insisting, "in the final analysis, is the middle school entrance examination, college entrance examination competition pressure exists objectively, hope that children can enter a good university."

"Without a good university, employment will be more difficult. If you want to go to a top-notch university, you have to go to a key high school. If you want to go to a key high school, you have to go to a high-quality junior high school. Liaoning parents, Ms. Zhang said, "Although children often make up classes now very hard, but now do not fight, the latter half of life is more difficult. Our parents are also very hard to accompany their children to make up lessons. We have to take delivery, food security, and sit in the back of the classroom to listen, so that we can go back to better counseling.

Although also looking forward to reducing burdens, but to see through tutoring, her daughter's performance has improved, Ms. Zhang more firmly confident: "We are absolutely not blind to make up lessons, we do see the improvement of academic performance."

Professor Fan Xianzuo of Central China Normal University said that the training market has always been hot, on the one hand, the focus of exam-oriented education has always existed, on the other hand, many parents are afraid of backwardness, level by level. "The chaotic situation of education and training reflects the blindness of educational ideas, especially the obvious tendency of utilitarianism." Liu Jinghai, a special school principal in Shanghai, said.

Keep your eyes on the future and focus on the future development of children.

Children are family and social as well as the future of the country and nation. Educational experts suggest that only by strengthening the normative guidance and changing the status quo of the fight between educational concepts can we form a united effort between home and school, and make the national burden reduction policy and quality education come true.

Change should start from the family, so that more people realize the dangers of over-exam-oriented, book inscriptions, pay attention to the cultivation of children's moral education, sports, aesthetic education. "It may be temporary, but it does not mean long-term success." Liu Jinghai said that everyone is hopeful of a successful child, but the child's success must be based on their own improvement, success must be in many ways.

How to relieve the anxiety of parents is becoming an important issue for education. "Developing good study habits and reading habits is more effective than how many questions you brush." Li Qiangsheng, Dean of educational affairs in Anshan No. 1 middle school, said. Yu Yongchang, an education expert in Shenyang City, said: "In the growth of children, excellent moral character, strong physique, healthy spirit, good habits and so on." They are all more important than the achievements at a time. "

To change it, we should start from the classroom, further strengthen the role of schools and compulsory education system, teach with knowledge system, value system education and innovation system, and devote ourselves to training builders and successors; in particular, we should establish a scientific mechanism to encourage teachers to be conscientious and responsible, love teaching, devote themselves to teaching, research teaching and so on. Concentrate on teaching.

Our country should continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of education, not only to rank schools and teachers with the rate of enrollment, reward and punish them, but also to incorporate students'moral development, academic development, physical and mental development, interest and expertise, and academic burden into the evaluation system, to change the current situation of over-emphasis on book knowledge teaching and assessment, and to pay attention to the cultivation of practical ability. And assessment. Zhang Renli, Shanghai's top principal, said that attention should be paid to the objective needs of students with different academic levels and that schools should provide targeted after-school counseling.

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