James Soong: I have pointed out to Cai Yingwen that these three factors make Taiwan independence difficult.

James Soong: I have pointed out to Cai Yingwen that these three factors make Taiwan independence difficult.

Original title: James Soong: three factors make Taiwan independence difficult to succeed.

According to Taiwan's "Zhongshi Electronic Daily" on September 10, the chairman of Taiwan's PPP, Soong Chuyu, said in an interview that he had pointed out with Taiwan's leader Cai Ying-wen that "Taiwan independence" could not succeed under three conditions.

Song Chuyu said that, first of all, from the international situation, he did not think there would be foreign aid, that is, he did not believe that the United States and Japan would fight for "Taiwan independence".

Second, he does not believe that the mainland will sit idly by. Because the Chinese people died in the War of Resistance Against Japan 20 million people then recovered Taiwan according to the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, the mainland will never give in to "Taiwan independence".

Song Chuyu said that in the end, he was in contact with people in Taiwan regardless of the blue and green. He did not believe that most people in Taiwan would be willing to fight until the last soldier and one soldier. This is not to say timid, but pragmatic.

According to previous polls conducted by Taiwan media, only 23.6% of Taiwan's people are willing to go to war on their own, and 77% of the people oppose their relatives fighting for "Taiwan independence".

Taiwanese media said that the real will of the Taiwanese people was very clear, that is, the Taiwanese do not want to see war, but also do not want to be tied to the "Taiwan independence" chariot, in order to avoid war, the overwhelming majority of Taiwanese will oppose "Taiwan independence".

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the State Taiwan Office, has previously said that the separatist activities of "Taiwan independence" are the greatest realistic threat to cross-strait relations and stability, and are harmful to the fundamental interests of Taiwan compatriots. We have taken a series of actions against the "Taiwan independence" forces and their activities on the island in order to prevent the welfare of the people of Taiwan from being compromised by the "Taiwan independence" plot.

The cross-strait relations and the situation in the Taiwan Strait are becoming grim and complex for well-known reasons. This responsibility lies in the DPP authorities'cross-strait policy, in the increasingly rampant separatist activities of the "Taiwan independence" forces and, of course, in the attempt of foreign forces to play the "Taiwan card". We are confident and capable of safeguarding the overall situation of cross-strait relations, grasping the development direction of cross-strait relations in the future, frustrating all acts of provocating cross-strait relations, uniting the broad masses of Taiwan compatriots, overcoming difficulties, eliminating interference, and pursuing a bright future for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

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