The top of the woman's mobile phone has been turned off.

The top of the woman's mobile phone has been turned off.

Original title: the top of the mobile phone is turned off. The woman offers a reward for this reason.

According to the Peninsula Morning Post, on September 9, Ms. Li, who lives in Xiaoping Island, a high-tech zone, took her children out to play and forgot her cell phone on the roof of the car. After that, her cell phone bumped on the way to Xinghai Park. It's an iPhone 7 plus phone that has been purchased for two years, but Ms. Lee offered a reward of 10,000 yuan to look for it and promised not to use it, as long as it contained information.

Such a high-profile mobile phone.

Is it to gain attention or really "not bad money"?

The reason behind the main road is...

Beginning on the evening of the 9th, such a search for mobile phone information circulated in Dalian's local micro-blog, micro-letter friends circle, especially the word reward of 10,000 yuan, important information caused widespread concern.

According to the memory of the machine owner,

Cell phones should be on the way to Xiaoping Island, Xinghai Park.

The time span is between 6:10--6:40 in the morning.

A surveillance video shows

9, 9, 6 o'clock in the morning,

When the main driver left the garage in his own district,

The cell phone is still on the roof.

Located at the top of the rear door of the cab.

Netizen: mobile phone has been placed in a magical place.

"I want to know how it went up" and "put it in a magical place." For the owner of the phone lost location, many netizens in the comments raised such questions and sighs.

To this aircraft owner Ms. Li told reporters that she was a 15-month-old baby's treasure mother, the morning to take the children to Xinghai Park play, children's seats in the back of the driver's seat, when the child was placed in the child's seat, the handset on the roof of the car.

As a result, the child burst into tears after putting it in. Ms. Li hurried into the car to comfort herself. She turned to the other side and, in a hurry, landed her cell phone on the roof of the car.

Many netizens also said they had done such a thing, and some netizens said that when driving the trunk, they would often put their mobile phones on the roof of the car, this is also a reminder to the majority of car owners.

Question: reward for 10000 yuan is a gimmick or "not bad money".

The main reason why this announcement has received so much attention is that on the "reward of 10,000 yuan", netizens pointed out that 10,000 yuan is now able to buy a relatively new model of large-brand mobile phone, the owner of the mobile phone so at any cost is to make a boo to attract attention, or is it really not bad money.

Ms. Li told reporters that the reward of 10,000 yuan is really to raise awareness and increase the chances of retrieving mobile phones, but it is not a gimmick, if you can get what you want, you will redeem the 10,000 yuan bonus.

Ms. Li pointed out that she is not poor money, at present he is at home with children, only a loved one to make money, 10,000 yuan is equivalent to two months of family income.

"The information in the mobile phone is so important to us that we don't have any backups, so we are reluctant to do so." Ms. Li said.

So what exactly is it?

Let the family pay so much attention to it?

Ms. Li said,

It's actually the photos and videos in the phone.

Like many young parents, Ms. Lee's mobile phone contains almost all of her children's photos and videos. She told reporters that two years ago when purchasing this mobile phone, the main consideration is to record the growth of children, in view of the limited income, choose the latter between the camera and mobile phone, and in order to save more, specially selected a maximum memory, "from the record of the child's fetal movement, the child's growth changes, bit by bit. It's all inside. " Ms. Li said.

Because she has been at home with children, seldom go out, plus one person with children energy is limited, Ms. Li did not make a backup before, and now the mobile phone is lost, I am very self-reproached and anxious.

"Believe that many parents can understand our mood, if not found back, the child's growth of this part of the record will not be, this is how much money can not make up for it." For this reason, Ms. Li said, she said, the mobile phone can not be used, as long as the information inside, an additional 10,000 yuan in cash.

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