Pakistan refutes the British media's provocation of China Brazil: the title of the content is distorted.

Pakistan refutes the British media's provocation of China Brazil: the title of the content is distorted.

Original title: Pakistan refutes the British media's provocative Pakistani report: From the content to the title, we refuse to admit!

[Global Times special correspondent in Pakistan Ding Xuezhen Global Times reporter Li Shikun] Pakistan Dawn News reported on the 10th that Pakistan and China have agreed to invite "third country" investors to participate in the China-Pakistan economic corridor project. On the 10 regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang did not talk about this issue. He said that China and Pakistan have decided to determine the future development path and cooperation direction of the Sino-Pakistani economic corridor through consultation in accordance with Pakistani economic and social development priorities and people's needs in the next step.

Dawn newspaper said the consensus was reached after a long period of talks between Pakistan and China. The two sides were representatives of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform of Pakistan and the China Development and Reform Commission. No country was specifically mentioned, but an official said that countries from Central Asia and Europe, as well as some countries, including Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia, were likely to invest in the nine special economic zones involved. Among them, Gwadar Port will be re-optimized as an industrial centre for the export market. The above-mentioned countries can either invest independently or choose joint ventures with Pakistan or China to take advantage of the city's transshipment potential, location advantages and FTA advantages. The Dawn newspaper quoted sources as saying Beijing hoped that countries friendly to both China and Pakistan would participate in the construction of the special economic zone to refute those criticisms, especially those from the United States and India, for opaque projects.    

The day before, the Financial Times reported on the theme of Pakistan's reconsideration of its role in the "one belt and one road initiative". The official of the Palestinian government in charge of Commerce, textiles, industry and investment, said Razak Da Wu, "Chinese enterprises have received multiple benefits such as taxation and enjoyed excessive profits in Pakistan. Privileges are one of the things we're looking at, because Pakistani companies think it's unfair to do so.

In response to this report, the Pakistani government issued a statement on the 10th refuted the article, said, "Financial Times" quoted about Razak Daud's statement is out of context and distorted, Pakistan refused to recognize the report, especially its title. The statement said that during a recent visit by Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Pakistan and China reiterated the "all-weather strategic partnership" and their commitment to the economic corridor between China and Pakistan. Pakistan guarantees to China that the Sino-Pakistani Economic Corridor is a national priority for the Pakistani government and that both sides have complete agreement on the future direction of the Sino-Pakistani Economic Corridor.

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