"Ma teacher" allows enterprises to take over to add new ideas.

It is said that in Ali, staff members call each other classmates, Ma Yun is Ma teacher. This year's teacher's Day is also his 54 year old birthday. Ma Yun finally let the teacher's title come true. Ma Yun announced the "Alibaba Inheritance Plan" and in a sentimental letter to shareholders, said that this time next year will no longer be chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Group, but to return to education. As for the candidates for the presidency, we will be succeeded by the current Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong.

The successor of Chinese private enterprises has always been the favorite talk among the bookstores. HUAWEI Ren Zhengfei, Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi, Haier Zhang Ruimin and other Godfather entrepreneurs were disturbed by it. No matter where your successor is from the first day of office, or whether you are always worrying about the cultivation of successors, there is rarely a successful precedent in China. But Ma Yun seems to have no such concern, thinking that Ali has enough self-confidence and ability to meet his resignation, because "Alibaba completed the transformation from relying on personal characteristics to relying on organizational mechanisms, relying on talent culture enterprise system upgrade." And "the new partnership mechanism, unique culture and the talent echelon that will be like tide" is the foundation of this system. Mr Ma is even more proud of Alibaba's scale and performance to date as a truly mission-driven vision-driven enterprise.

Indeed, Ali has been running smoothly for five years since the Ma Yun Jiao Wan C E O in 2013. But this mission-driven, vision-driven call is not unfamiliar to us, as far as we can see, there are often large and small companies on the wall, why not much success? Presumably, the essential law of "gathering wealth and dispersing wealth" is at work. What an entrepreneur says is better than what he does. Alibaba has invested $80.485 billion in cumulative equity incentives in its employees over the past four years of listing in the U.S. as of June 2018, ranking first among Chinese Internet companies. Since 1999, Alibaba Group has held more than 20% of the company's stock through stock options and incentives.

It is said that Alibaba does not go to the campus recruitment to Tsinghua, Peking University, such a super-class university, the main preference for secondary and tertiary universities in the upper and middle reaches of the students, so that these secondary and tertiary students get first-class wages, shows Ma Yun's deep grasp of human nature, it is no wonder that it can conclude that "staff turnover is no more than two reasons, The heart is grieved or money is not given to the place. Ma Yun was born in Hangzhou Normal University, and now C E O Zhang Yong is just a graduate of Shanghai Finance University. From a certain point of view, organizing the relatively natural, relaxed and most satisfied individuals is the easiest way to keep the initiative, the easiest to induce the display of individual and collective wisdom and enthusiasm, and the more likely to accomplish great things.

Before Wang Shi retired, he claimed that Vanke did not train successors, trained teams, built systems, not just one or two successors. The first is of course important, if the practice proves that successors are not competent, but there is a system to ensure that it is easier to correct mistakes, so the system construction is more reliable than the training of successors. Ali went a step further today, believing that people or systems alone can not solve the problem, only the system and people, culture perfect combination, in order to make the company's healthy and sustainable development. Ma Yun tries to use the partnership mechanism to solve the problems of innovation, leadership inheritance, future responsibility and cultural heritage. Over the years, Ali has been constantly studying and improving its system and talent culture system, at least from the current point of view, Ali has done.

In addition, it is well known that from Wang Shi to Ma Yun and other leaders, "hobbies" many, one of the great reason is to take this opportunity, and the management intentionally alienated. It is a natural law that a man, no matter how great his powers and inexhaustible energy, will one day leave. Vanke or Ali's success does not mean that Wang Shi and Ma Yun are on the line, Wang Shi and Ma Yun are not on the downhill road, if there is such a situation, then the enterprise is difficult to say mature, huge hidden dangers. Wang Shi once said that even if Vanke fails, it will never happen again. Because there are only two results. One is that the situation can not be reversed when it comes out. Why do you do an act to prove that I can't? Second, the veteran is effective, but also contrary to his purpose, because it can only prove that he has been decentralized these years, the team is not successful. Although Ma Yun indicated that he will remain on the Alibaba board until 2020, but presumably Alibaba will eventually usher in this day.

Just like Ma Yun's "regret to create Ali" before joking, many people still like to understand Ma Yun's Ali inheritance plan from the "resignation" and other low dimensions, and even make a fool of it. But as a writer with a teacher's resume, I am quite aware of the attraction of the campus, not necessarily because Ma Yun is forced to help or because he is a good teacher. Only the word "teacher" can be used against the larger and higher ranks of the society. The three-foot podium blasts Fang Qiao and stimulates the writing to see the joy of students entering an inch by inch. This experience is obviously not available to Ma Yun at present. Reporter Jiang Guangxiang

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