The number of the car was rocking to 00000.

The number of the car was rocking to 00000.

Original title: the car license plate shook to "00000" excited.

Many car owners want to pick up a favorite license plate number after lifting the car, if you can shake 666, 555, 888, 1111, and so on these good numbers are estimated to be as happy as the lottery, everyone likes these auspicious atmospheric figures.

When a car owner rolled to "00000", he saw the comments of netizens and murmured.

This is still derived from the homophonic of numbers, such as 6 and 8, which represent Shun, FA and so on. Some netizens think of 0 as a "spirit", plus a license plate number, which is associated with a hearse.

The online saliva war among netizens began. Some commentators said, "The mouth that means this is too cheap" and "the grapes that can't be eaten are sour."

It was a very happy thing to think of this. It's really a wonderful brain.

There are netizens said: 00000 good, brake, machine, brake, more intelligent people, accident directly to zero ah.

Net friend: the number like this is usually the exclusive number of some local tyrants.

In fact, the license plate number is not necessarily selected 6666, 8888, and some owners are for an important anniversary, with special numbers to represent. It doesn't matter if there are 6 or 8, but in case of a 6666, that's great.

In fact, if you choose such a license plate number, you will also be on the alert when driving. Like this Wuling, I didn't know how many times I was checked by the traffic police on the road. But the feeling of pulling the wind on the road is affirmative.

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