Xinhua News Agency investigates long rental apartments: only more than 20 days from decoration to checking.

Xinhua News Agency investigates long rental apartments: only more than 20 days from decoration to checking.

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September (11) question: why does the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard of long rental apartments occur?  

Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Wu Meng Da, Zhang Chao, Jie Wen Jin

"Easy baggage check-in" is an advertisement for many long-term apartments, but the recent frequent exposure of excessive air quality in houses is worrying. "Xinhua View" reporter survey found that in the rapid expansion of long-term apartments, some houses from the check-in, decoration to the check-in cycle is less than a month, and the use of materials problems.  

Some new apartments formaldehyde almost "all over the standard", and some rental for more than a year is still not up to standard.

Recently, a white-collar worker Wang died of acute myeloid leukemia in Hangzhou. His family questioned whether the cause of death was related to the excessive formaldehyde content in the house of his rental chain company. Since the company's written response to reporters said that September 1 off the shelves in nine cities nationwide for the first time all rental housing, to be inspected after qualified shelves. All the new housing sources will be rented on the shelves after testing.  

In June this year, it was announced that furniture panels were upgraded from national standard E1 to European standard E0, the standard was upgraded from formaldehyde emission limit <1.5mg/L to <0.5mg/L, wall paint and wall accessories standards were upgraded, and free formaldehyde was upgraded from national standard <100mg/kg to "undetected".  

However, a comfortable commissioned air testing agency told reporters that recently, they conducted indoor air testing on dozens of comfortable apartments in a district of Beijing, the results were shocking: all newly decorated apartments were basically over the standard formaldehyde concentration. "Formaldehyde in the new apartment is over 3 to 8 times the average." The head of the testing agency said.  

The problem of formaldehyde exceeding standard is not only the newly decorated apartment. A tenant who lived in a free apartment for two years said he could smell the pungent smell so far. Recently he bought a formaldehyde test kit and found that formaldehyde was still beyond the standard.  

Other third-party organisations involved in the test said they had been commissioned to inspect some free apartments that had been leased for more than a year, and the formaldehyde concentration was still below the standard.  

Industry insiders said formaldehyde over-standard problem is not only easy, other long-Rent apartment operators have also been accused of similar problems.  

Hu Ding, a popular medical scientist, said formaldehyde inhalation can cause edema, eye irritation, headache, nausea and other symptoms. Direct skin contact can cause allergic dermatitis, spots, necrosis and even bronchial asthma. High concentration of formaldehyde is also a genotoxic substance. Long-term inhalation of formaldehyde by pregnant women may lead to fetal malformation and even death.  

Some apartments are only more than 20 days from decoration to occupancy, and the formaldehyde content of artificial boards is high.

In recent years, the rapid development of long-Rent apartments, long-Rent apartment market share of the first free in the official website said, "after five years of development, has managed 300 billion housing assets, with 400,000 houses." Reporters in Beijing Chaoyang District, a small district to see, the community a total of more than 2,000 houses, freely hosted more than 200 sets, eggshell apartments hosted more than 100 sets.  

An industry insider told reporters that long-term rental apartment profits mainly have three points: first, by decorating to bring value-added promotion; second, with the owner signed a contract generally stipulated a year to two months of vacancy period, vacancy period does not calculate rent, if the turnover is fast enough, this part of the difference can also be earned; third is to change the housing structure. Increase the number of rooms, commonly known as "partition".  

"At present, the frequent outbreak of indoor pollution in long-term apartments is related to enterprises desperate to improve the use of housing and reduce the cost of decoration." One industry insider said.  

Decoration materials can be cheaper. A long-term apartment broker in Daxing District, Beijing, revealed that according to industry practice, enterprises and housing owners signed three to five years of contracts, but decoration costs, furniture and electrical costs are borne by the company. "In order to save costs, companies usually use inexpensive materials such as plates and glue, some surface can not see, but over time, formaldehyde and other harmful gases are gradually released." The practitioner said.  

Artificial boards are favored by long rental apartment operators because of their low price. Introduced by the industry, interior decoration usually uses plywood, blockboard, MDF, particleboard and other man-made board. Formaldehyde has the function of strengthening the hardness, insect-proof and anti-corrosion of wood-based panels.  

Experts also revealed that the formaldehyde content of wood-based panel furniture was relatively high. Research shows that 59 sets of formaldehyde in 100 sets of medium density furniture samples exceed the relevant national standards, and the rate of exceeding the standard is as high as 59%.  

In addition, latex, styrofoam, plastic, paint and paint often contain high concentration of formaldehyde.  

Vacant time can be short. A homeowner in Hangzhou told reporters that his house was occupied by himself, and the neighbor's family gave it to the eggshell apartment for rent. The two apartments were about the same, the one he owned was only half decorated, and the eggshell apartment was already occupied. "It's a total of more than 20 days from their collection and decoration to check in."  

Some companies rent their living rooms for extra rent. Hu said that the living room plays a role of ventilation and light transmission. Closing the living room will greatly reduce the ventilation conditions of the house, and harmful gases are difficult to discharge.  

Special legislation and supervision should be strengthened.

As for the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard of long-term rental housing in many places, reporters interviewed some local government housing departments, most of them said that they had noticed the relevant situation and were discussing the formulation of specific management measures.  

Guo Li, a partner of Beijing Deheng (Shenzhen) Law Firm, said that the main criteria for judging whether indoor air quality reached the standards were the "indoor air quality standards" approved by the former State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the former Ministry of Health, the former State Environmental Protection Administration in 2002 and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction in 2013. Promulgated "code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil construction projects". At present, there are no detailed regulations on the environmental safety and health standards for rental housing.  

A number of industry insiders pointed out that the tenants'difficulties in safeguarding their rights lie in: the quality of indoor air itself is hidden, tenants are not easy to find; air quality monitoring needs to use professional equipment or employ professional institutions to detect, the cost is higher; air pollution causes exist many possibilities, such as tenants add Furniture, decoration and other monitoring results are easy to cause wrangling.  

Liu Junhai, a professor at Renmin University of China, said that in the face of huge rental groups and explosive growth of long-term rental apartment industry, relevant government departments should regulate, supervise and punish the renovation of rental housing resources of enterprises, and should not allow enterprises to "grow up savagely".  

Guo Li said that at present, the lessee's body is damaged by air pollution, it is very difficult to ask the lessor to bear tort liability. He suggests that operators should bear greater weight of burden of proof by drawing lessons from the provisions on inversion of burden of proof in the Consumer Protection Law.

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