Fake police Street "anti pornography" fraud: after 7 days old man massage eight thousand.

Fake police Street

Original title: fake police Street "anti pornography" cheat fined 13 thousand

Two men driving suits of cars, pretending to be policemen in the street to sweep yellow, just two days to succeed in deceiving the "fine" more than 13,000 yuan. Yesterday, the Wuhan Development Zone police said that two people were under criminal detention.

70 yuan dad massage after being fined 8000 yuan

On the morning of September 6, a father of seventy came to the Chaoyang Police Station of Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) to report that he had paid a fine of 8000 yuan to the police of Chaoyang Police Station the day before. He asked if the fine had been handed in. Heard of a police to the public to collect a "fine", the day on duty instructor Yan Ping attaches great importance to, immediately asked his father for details.

Dad said that at 8:00 am on the 5th, he was stopped by a black car when he was shopping at a massage shop in Guoxuling. A man in police uniform asked him to check in with his car, and there was a man in the front seat.

"Do you know that you have committed a crime?" After the old man got on the bus, the man in police uniform immediately closed the door and drove slowly toward Chaoyang Avenue, inquiring as he drove. Because the old man was guilty, he immediately admitted: "go to the massage shop and click the rub." Men in police uniform continue to say, "now that we are fighting hard, we will punish severely for gambling." Three options are offered to the elderly: a few days of education at the police station, detention in a detention facility, or a fine of 8,000 yuan.

Dad chose to pay a fine of 8,000 yuan, because there was not enough cash on hand, they also drove him home to get a bank card. Subsequently, Daddy took 8,000 yuan from a bank on Chuangye Road and handed it to two people, one of whom was called "Li Jianbo", claiming to be a police officer from Chaoyang Police Station.

Yan Heping told the old man that the police station did not have the police at all, and the old man realized that he had been cheated.

Real police tracking the streets for two days to seize fake police

Chaos Yang police station attaches great importance to the establishment of a special squad to investigate the case. Video tracking by the police, locked the black suspected vehicle license plate for E A96 x x x, found that the vehicle came to the area again on the morning of 6 th. The car took a man to a bank on Chuang Kai Road. The man got off the bus and went to the bank and got on the bus. He saluted the car when he got off again. "Another person is deceived. The liar uses the same deception." The police immediately tracked the track of the car, found that the car lost its track after driving to the second route of entrepreneurship, and then appeared again, replaced by E DS1 * license plate.

Police inquiries found that the EDS1 x x x is the real number of the car, and to study the identity of two suspects: 43-year-old Xiantao man Wang Mou and 50-year-old Jingzhou man Tian Mou. Two of them had fake police offenders and were released from prison in April.

On the morning of the 7th, Chaoyang Police Station deployed police forces around the trading road when the suspected vehicles suddenly appeared in Maple Road II. Several police vehicles successfully intercepted the vehicle, and two suspects were arrested. One police officer's certificate, two police uniforms, two sets of license plates and more than 8000 yuan in cash were found from the vehicle.

After interrogation, the two men confessed the fact that they had committed two crimes in two days and defrauded more than 13,000 yuan in cash. At present, Wang Mou and Tian Mou are all under criminal detention.

The police warned that large fines paid by the public should be collected by the banks, and the police would not collect large amounts of cash. For fines under 200 yuan, the police will issue a written decision on administrative penalties for public security. Chutian Metropolis Daily correspondent Xie Weizong to Qing Shun correspondent Yao Qi

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