Two women passengers on the Beijing subway line one dispute, one fell off the platform.

Two women passengers on the Beijing subway line one dispute, one fell off the platform.

Source: Beijing Evening News

"The morning rush hour has such an accident. It really makes people sweat." This morning, a number of netizens tweeted that at about 7:50 a.m., two female passengers had a dispute on the platform of Apple Garden Station of Metro Line 1. One of them fell off the platform and was fortunately rescued by the passengers around him in time.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened at about 7:50 this morning, Apple Garden Station is the starting point of Line 1, the early rush hour passenger flow is very large, passengers waiting in line, the queue suddenly occurred a riot, two women passengers do not know why, there was a dispute. "Not far from the edge of the platform, there are so many people, what if you want to squeeze others down, I was thinking, it happened."

"The interval between the morning peak trains and the stations is very short." Witnesses told reporters that the woman who fell off the platform had no injuries and no electric shock. Passengers on the platform were not visitors, many people bent down and stretched out their hands, and everyone pulled the woman up in a few seconds.

This morning, the reporter confirmed this to the Beijing subway, and received a response, the public security department has now intervened in the investigation. Throughout the incident, the reporter contacted a number of eyewitnesses who posted microblogs. In addition to describing the incident, citizens also mentioned that they hoped that the subway Apple Garden Station would also install screening doors to prevent accidents from happening again.

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