Free: the first time the vacancy check is qualified and the vacancy is more than 30 days.

Free: the first time the vacancy check is qualified and the vacancy is more than 30 days.

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Xiaolan) recently, long-Rent apartment rental air quality problems caused concern. Reporters today (September 11) learned that since September 1, 20,603 first-time rental homes in nine cities across the country were removed from shelves, the "Free and Deep Breathing Phase II" project led by the company's CEO has been launched. Advanced enterprises inside and outside the United Nations, industry experts, professional research institutions, from raw materials, furniture, construction workers Technology, unit load and other dimensions to seek a systematic breakthrough solution.

Before a solution is found, it is freely promised that all first-time rental premises will be available on September 24, and the air quality must be met at the same time after being tested and qualified by authoritative authorities, and that no more than 30 days of vacancy will be allowed to go on shelves for rent. The results of the phases will be disclosed freely and continuously.

August 31, as soon as the release of promises, from September 1, 2018, all nine cities from the next shelf rental housing for the first time, until the CMA certification agency inspection qualified before on the shelves. In the future, all new sources of housing will be 100% qualified after the test on the shelves for rent, and in the free App details page display the test qualified report.

In the meantime, we are willing to apply for free air quality testing if we have any doubts about the indoor air quality for the first time to rent a house after June 1, 2018. If there is a problem of excessive air quality, we will provide three options (optional one): unconditional rent refund, rent replacement; provide free air quality control, after passing the inspection, then check in; 90 days brand air purifier free use.

On September 1, 20603 first-time rental houses in nine cities were removed from shelves and entered the air inspection and control process. Reporters in APP freely see that the first time rental housing are marked air detection.

Relevant person in charge said that at present, it has worked with 71 air control institutions and 62 CMA certified air testing institutions in China, forming a maximum daily air control capacity of 2211 single, a maximum daily air testing capacity of 1147 single. The air purifier also worked with millet brand to distribute to the tenant.

It is reported that in order to expand production capacity freely, more than 300 testing institutions have been contacted nationwide, of which 62 have authoritative qualifications and can actually carry out business work. There is still a relative shortage of production capacity in various regions, of which only 15 institutions have been working in Beijing, and the daily average test capacity is relatively limited. During the period, the supplier also received successive feedback on the sudden withdrawal of the supplier due to various pressures, limited capacity and other reasons. In this regard, comfortable said that the current testing and management capacity is still seriously inadequate, I hope relevant institutions and the company contact, but also welcome the recommendation of people from all walks of life.

In fact, the air quality after decoration is a common disease in the field of domestic decoration. According to the statistics of the National Indoor Air Inspection Department in 2017, more than 90% of the harmful gases in newly decorated rooms in China exceed the standard seriously.

It is noteworthy that other enterprises in the long-term apartment industry have not responded positively to the air quality problems of their own rental products except for the ease at present. In fact, some new houses, second-hand rooms, shopping malls and educational institutions have also been exposed indoor air quality problems.

"Although long-term rental apartments solve the traditional leasing industry information mismatch, products and services mismatch and other painful points, but in the development process of security problems, but also need the industry, and even upstream and downstream related industries to pay attention to." Industry insiders pointed out that the systematic solution to indoor air quality problems, the need for environmental protection, building materials, health and other dimensions of the industry to consider all-round, in addition, all kinds of space interior decoration delivery standards, also urgently need to be reshaped.

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