Half moon: How did anti formalism become formalistic?

Half moon: How did anti formalism become formalistic?

Primary Headline: "Dressing Fried Chicken as a Peacock" Grass-roots Cadre: How Anti-formalism Reduces to Formalism

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Although grassroots formalism has changed in recent years, it is still very serious. Some grass-roots cadres reflect that formalism, such as filling out forms and newspaper materials, consumes a lot of energy, so overtime has become the norm, but there is no time for actual work. Some cadres at the grass-roots level have spoken frankly of the formalism of dressing "fried chickens as peacocks", and if it is not corrected, some Anti-formalism measures have even degenerated into formalism.

The evaluation of material quality is a typical formalism.

Not long ago, a semi-monthly interview with reporters in a central county, a grass-roots cadre said that he had stayed up all night to do materials, to report to the leadership.

At that time, the cadre attended a commendation conference as an excellent representative. The day before the meeting, he handed the speech to the relevant departments for examination, and the result was not passed. Several cadres of the Organization Department attached great importance to it and made serious revisions with this cadre all night.

"It's not exactly how I work, but where I need to reflect the spirit of leadership speech."

From 10 p.m. to 5 or 6 a.m., after five or six editions, it was decided to use the first edition.

Cadres like this are exhausted and helpless.

"Hard work can not be judged by advanced practices, but will be commended every year."

A village branch in a county in Hunan province said that grass-roots work faces are wide and long, and there are many things to do. Every work to achieve results, grass-roots cadres need to be down-to-earth and buried in hard work.

Every day, the whole material is dispersed with more work effort. "It is very typical formalism to check the results of materials and evaluate the quality of work."

A deputy director of a street office in a central city was deeply touched by this: "Every superior leader to investigate, there must be reporting materials. By the middle of the year and the end of the year, each department should also have summary materials. Sometimes office clerks have to submit five counterparts a day.

Material from the impression, this is also the grass-roots work of the current "hard indicators", but this "hard indicators" forced grass-roots jokes. The deputy director of the street office said of the local requirements for the river patrol: "Not only to go personally, but also to invite comrades to take photos together, a few sets of clothes at a time, change a suit of clothes to take a picture, patrol enough to write a lot of materials."

"A thousand needles, the next needle", is there a line or a needle?

Some grass-roots cadres complain that their superiors usually do two things, one is to inform the next task, and the other is to take a look at the flowers on horseback. "There are thousands of wires and a needle below." The reality is that more and more "lines", but "needle" is entangled by "thread".

A staff member of a development zone in South China gave a half-month talk to reporters to calculate the number of grass-roots "needles". He said a local grassroots organization usually has 13 civil servants. Usually, the leaders have one head and two deputies, and these three people are generally spent a lot of time by various party affairs study and meetings; the remaining 10 people, except for two middle-level cadres, only 8. The 8 people usually have 2 to 3 people in the external window department, and 5 people in the internal business department.

Under such circumstances, it is normal for a person to take into account more than ten posts and be responsible for more than 40 systems. Busy than mayor! "

The staff member said.

However, there are more and more "lines" on them. A person in charge of the street office said he needed to submit monthly business invitation and industrial development trends, forming a summary for the main leaders of the district and county reference. In recent years, the assessment of indicators has become more and more detailed. For example, value-added services, the number of service industry employees are included in the assessment, but some indicators are not clear how to calculate.

"Should the investment dynamics be compiled by the investment department directly according to the project docking status? Should major projects be promoted by departments concerned? These tasks have been assigned to villages and towns, villages and towns on the project feedback problems are mostly not entitled to solve, but to summarize the progress of the data. The person in charge of the above street office said he did not know what to do in the future.

Under such circumstances, the grass-roots units have to do some facial expressions in the face of higher authorities' inspection. One cadre said that one after another of the tasks of the higher authorities required the grass-roots units to complete the deadline within a certain period of time, otherwise, they would pursue responsibility. The above is not adjusted. What should we do if we do not follow the formalism?

How did anti formalism become formalistic?

"Formalism is to turn the fried chicken into a peacock with an open screen. Why? Leaders love to see peacocks!

A grass-roots cadre said that the greatest advantage of material and traces is that it is convenient for the higher authorities to check, seemingly formalistic, in fact bureaucratic.

Some grass-roots cadres believe that to do anything requires certain forms. But formalism only completes formal things and does not care about real work.

In recent years, grass-roots units have taken various measures to solve formalism, but the effect is not satisfactory. Grass-roots cadres believe that the task is issued by the higher authorities, and the assessment is a higher level organization. But many work is difficult to quantify the evaluation, so can be assessed is often the form, the assessment method is not scientific is one of the fundamental reasons for formalism.

There are also grass-roots cadres and the masses reflect that in recent years Anti-formalism is very strong, but the superiors are accustomed to throwing problems to the grass-roots level, grass-roots level to implement can only meet to convey, write minutes of the meeting plus reports and photos, otherwise how can you prove that you have carried out? This led to the struggle against Wenshan and the formalism of anti formalism.

Grass-roots cadres believe that Anti-formalism should also be anti-bureaucratic, not "sick superiors, grass-roots medicine".

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