Guangming's criticism is tricky: not to return to the black car intermediary era.

Guangming's criticism is tricky: not to return to the black car intermediary era.

Original title: Criticism dripping freely, not to return to black car, black intermediary Era

Many netizens share their first night of taxi parking, taxi overcharging, forced carpooling, refusal to carry, black car explosion and so on. In Sanlitun, Beijing, just after 23 o'clock, black car drivers began shouting along the roadside: "No drips tonight! In the morning, the car goes home early. " There are passengers who usually experience less than 50 yuan, 150 of the asking price and 120 of the haggle price.

It is not a healthy market phenomenon that passengers will be caught in a taxi accident after the safety improvement. Of course, it is related to the fact that the current Internet contract vehicle market is dominant and other Internet contract vehicle platforms are difficult to fill the gap between supply and demand caused by the temporary withdrawal. But trickle down, the cost should not be ordinary consumers.

On the other hand, it fully demonstrates the great value of the new form of networking in meeting the diverse travel needs of the people. In large cities, the capacity of taxis is difficult to meet the needs of the public travel, and the level of service there is still a lot of room for improvement. In fact, many Internet companies are able to grow because of the absence of public services in a certain area, it is difficult to meet the needs of the people, and Internet companies have found the painful point of public demand, the use of the Internet, with a more open and transparent way to solve these chronic diseases. As far as the travel field is concerned, every drop of shutdown will lead to the recurrence of the problem of taxi difficulty. This also shows that the traditional travel industry has not made much progress while the rapid development and successful change of the people's travel habits and improve the people's travel experience. From the taxi experience shared by netizens, no one wants to return to the era of taxi refusal and black car rampant.

Recently, some Internet platforms have exposed many problems due to their rapid development, which has aroused public queries and criticisms on such innovative Internet companies. This situation is not only in the field of travel, but also in the field of rental. Through the power of internet, the living space of black intermediary is squeezed, the time and energy cost of renters are saved, the risk cost of renting a house is reduced, and the living experience of renters is improved. But its business model has also exposed many problems, such as the recent outbreak of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, which poses a serious threat to the health of tenants. This urgently needs a platform for thorough reflection and rectification, but equally, for renters, no one is willing to return to the era of black intermediary.

Food, clothing, housing and transportation is a major matter of people's livelihood. Whether it is a netbook car trip, rental housing in big cities, or other areas of people's livelihood, convenience and efficiency are the needs of the people, but in the convenience and efficiency, safety is undoubtedly the lowest bottom line. People's questioning and criticism of enterprises, such as dripping, comfortable and so on, must be received by enterprises according to the order, if there is a change, no encouragement. But some irrational, emotional voices in the public opinion field, such as some from the media and netizens, cried out "xx to die" at the sight of an enterprise accident, as if these Internet platforms, which once served our daily life, were just doing one thing, that is, the power of wrapping up capital does nothing wrong in general. Such emotional voices should also be actively guided rather than spread. Some self-Media lack of gatekeepers, do not need to take any responsibility when commenting on public topics, full of hostility, and is not conducive to creating a benign interactive space of public opinion, not to mention contributing to the solution of the problem. This phenomenon of public opinion deserves particular attention.

Enterprises must take responsibility for all kinds of problems caused by neglecting user security. There is no room for refutation and no shirking. But criticizing these enterprises and their problems is not to deny the value of their existence completely, not to return to the era of black intermediaries and black cars, but to urge these enterprises to keep the bottom line, constantly improve services, and bring us a safer and more convenient consumer experience.

Source: Yang Sanxi / Guangming Net - commentary channel

Editor in chief: Huo Yuang

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