It's clear! The social function of the platform should be closed.

It's clear! The social function of the platform should be closed.

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security issued a circular on the 10th, and from that day to December 31, special rectification actions against illegal taxi operation were organized nationwide.

The circular calls for local transportation authorities and public security organs to immediately organize joint safety inspections of locally operated Internet contract car platform companies and private passenger car ride information service platforms, including strengthening background checks for drivers of Internet contract cars and windmill platforms, and strictly urging enterprises to implement safety students. Production and maintenance of stability of the main responsibility, improve the complaint alarm and rapid response mechanism, crack down on illegal operations.

The notice clearly states that the relevant network contract platform companies should strictly regulate the management of dispatch orders, not to dispatch orders to drivers without background checks, and should use face recognition technology to check the consistency of vehicles and drivers before dispatching orders; to strengthen operational risk management and control, using large data technology to offset the route, and so on. Risks such as unreasonable long stay should be warned and abnormal situations should be dealt with in time; the number of downwind vehicle orders should be limited to prevent illegal network contract vehicle operation services in the name of co-rider; the mechanism of random dispatch should be implemented to prohibit drivers from choosing passengers and allow passengers to choose drivers; the freezing mechanism of complaints should be established to prevent passengers from taking the same route. If a passenger complaint has not been checked and handled, the driver to be complained shall not be allowed to send a ticket; the protection of passenger information shall be strengthened, the social function of the downwind platform shall be shut down, the passenger information shall be shielded, and the personal privacy shall be prevented from being disclosed; the vehicle safety requirements shall be standardized, and the platform companies with conditions shall be encouraged to paste special signs at the prominent positions of the Internet-contracted vehicles The rate should conform to the taxi requirements, ensure that the inside conditions of the taxi are visible, that the locks of children should not be opened during the operation of the vehicles, so that passengers can escape in an emergency situation; and that the vehicles and drivers operating under the line should be checked randomly periodically to check the consistency between the registration information and the actual situation, so as to prevent the problems of "fixing the license plate and changing the number" and "replacing the name" and so on.

Local public security organs, transportation departments and relevant platform companies should establish a working mechanism for quick response and joint disposal of illegal and criminal acts committed by net-contracted cars on windmills. Relevant platform companies that obstruct the people's policemen from performing their duties according to law and refuse to provide technical support to public security organs, as well as their directly responsible personnel and other directly responsible personnel, shall be investigated for their legal liabilities in strict accordance with relevant legal provisions.

In order to carry out illegal operation activities on the network contract vehicle platform and the private passenger car sharing information service platform, the punishment of platform companies and other enterprises should be strengthened. A "double random" spot check mechanism should be established to fulfill the statutory regulatory responsibilities. We should promote the publicity system of administrative law enforcement, the record system of the whole process of law enforcement, and the legal review system of major law enforcement decisions, so as to strictly standardize the fair and civilized law enforcement. Public security organs shall investigate and punish acts that obstruct the functionaries of the departments in charge of transportation from performing their duties according to law. (Zhao Wenjun)

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