What bureau did Ma Yun return to in the education industry?

What bureau did Ma Yun return to in the education industry?

Source: interface Author: Hu Xiaorui

For people familiar with Ma, engaging in education is not an unexpected choice. Before that, he had made many "good heads".

On September 10th teacher's day, Ma Yun announced the decision to retire as chairman of the Alibaba board next year. "You know I'm a restless person, and besides continuing to work as an Alibaba partner and contributing to the partnership mechanism, I want to return to education and do what I love to do that will make me so excited and happy." Inside Alibaba, Ma Yun is often called Master Ma, which is also due to Ma Yun's pride in having been a teacher.

Subsequently, Alibaba's official microblog updated a new business card of Ma Yun, Ma Yun's name followed by the first title is the teacher, followed by Alibaba 001 staff, Alibaba Partner and other titles.

Before Alibaba was founded, Ma Yun had been an English teacher at Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Technology (now Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology) for nearly seven years. Ma Yun also spoke in public many times about his missed days as a teacher and even thought he would be better than a CEO.

Ma Yun has always been very concerned about education and public welfare, Ma Yun's micro-blog name is the spokesman for rural teachers - Ma Yun, which is also related to his long-term concern about rural education. In 2014, Ma Yun founded the Ma Yun foundation, focusing mainly on the field of education development, especially rural education. In recent years, the Foundation has launched the Ma Yun Rural Teacher Program, the Ma Yun Rural Principal Program, the Ma Yun Rural Normal School Program and the Ma Yun Rural Boarding School Program. At present, the Ma Yun foundation produces tens of millions of funds every year to reward excellent rural teachers and excellent headmasters. Since 2017, the Ma Yun Rural Teachers'College Program has been officially launched. It will invest at least 300 million yuan in 10 years to discover and inject new forces into rural education and train future educators for China.

Last September, cloud valley school, which was invested by Ali partners, started enrollment. The school is a "pilot" school in the field of basic education with the aim of "making every child the best of himself". To this end, Yungu School has designed a variety of growth support models for students, including rare tutorial system, college system and shift system in primary and secondary schools in China. Its fields of study include bilingualism, humanities and society, mathematical science and technology, sports and life and art. For Yungu School Ma Yun once said, "We do not have a baton and entrance rate here, our children are estimated to be difficult to take the key junior high school in China, it is also difficult to take the key high school. But I hope that after three years of study and accumulation, Yungu's children will choose a university not for further study or employment, but in accordance with their own heart, according to their own interests and expertise, and the world to choose a university.

He also wants to spread his philosophy of success in the business field where he has achieved great success. In 2015, Ma Yun and Liu Chuanzhi, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin, Shao Xiaofeng and other entrepreneurs and well-known scholars jointly launched the Lakeside University, the target students are entrepreneurs who have been entrepreneurs for more than three years, Ma Yun became the first president. Ma Yun once said that the lakeside university is not to train entrepreneurs how to start a business, but to let enterprises live longer. So far, Lakeside University has enrolled four students, including the grandson of Huo Yingdong, one of Hong Kong's four greatest families, Huo Kaiwen, vice president of Huo Yingdong Group, Hu Yu, co-founder of HUST, President and CEO Yao Jinbo of 58 cities, and Zhang Bangxin, future chairman and CEO of Hao Yingdong Group.

In the field of personnel training in advanced science and technology, Ali founded damoyuan college and Ali Yun University. When the Damo Institute was established in 2017, Ali planned to invest $100 billion over three years to find talent, invest in technology, and explore the future globally, including global research institutes, Joint University laboratories, and the Global Frontier Innovation Research Program. Aliyun College, which specializes in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, offers courses on cloud computing, big data, cloud security, and artificial intelligence to train people in cloud technology. In addition, Aliyun College has launched the "Aliyun University Cooperation Program" in cooperation with domestic universities to provide relevant training courses, set up laboratories, and participate in the construction of related disciplines for universities, including Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and so on.

In addition, based on the demand of Ali's own industrial chain for talents, Ali also founded Taobao University, Global Fast-Selling University, Alibaba Foreign Trade College, 1688 Business School, Ant Golden Clothes Technical University, which are all online vocational training programs developed by Ali Department according to its own business.

In the field of investment, according to public information, Alibaba Strategic Investment Department and its funds have invested 10 projects in the field of education, including VIPKID, Baby Tree, tutorabc, homework box, Randy English for Children, CC English and so on.

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