The male teacher was hurt by his teacher, his wife, tree Wei, and he was also dismissed from the principal.

The male teacher was hurt by his teacher, his wife, tree Wei, and he was also dismissed from the principal.

Seven students and two teachers were dismissed from the principal's post after a male teacher "established authority" for a teacher's girlfriend

Cover news reporter Chen Yanfei

On the evening of September 8, Wang Momou, male teacher of Heyang Foreign Language School in Baoding, Hebei Province, beat seven students with a stool to help his girlfriend Li Momou, who was also a class teacher in the first grade of junior high school. On the 10th, Baoding Heyang Education Co., Ltd. issued a decision to deal with the two teachers were dismissed, the principal and vice-principal of moral education were dismissed.

According to the class, the incident happened on the evening of September 8 near bedtime, the head teacher's boyfriend directly rushed into the dormitory to start beating, after beating one dormitory turned into another dormitory to continue beating, "126 dormitory is still some distance away from our dormitory, but can hear beating voice," one of the students said. No one was in charge of his nose bleeding, and the head teacher was watching.

The cover reporter calls the Propaganda Department of Lianchi District Committee of Baoding on this matter, and the relevant person in charge introduces the investigation result: On September 8, Wang Mou-mou, the head teacher of 25 classes in the seventh grade of the junior middle school of Heyang Foreign Languages School, Baoding, set up prestige for Li Mou-mou, the girlfriend of the head teacher in the seventh grade of the school, to enter the boys'dormitory to class 7. Many boys beat and scold, resulting in slight bruising on the face, back and arm of some students.

At present, the public security organs have been involved in the investigation. The aftermath of schools and parents is also being further discussed.

Editor in chief: Huo Yuang

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