Women hide the executor's contact information and report Sax in court.

Women hide the executor's contact information and report Sax in court.

The original title: hiding the contact information of the executed person, and blowing Saxophone in the judge's office, what on earth do you want to do with the applicant?

The imaginative Sax performance should be on stage.


By the sea


Well, or at home.



In the office of the police officer in the court.

Many times for the implementation of police officers "Sax's performance" operation.

Have you seen it?

Recently, Zhang Bin, head of the Executive Group II of the Executive Bureau of the People's Court of Xixian County, Henan Province, heard a burst of laughter in his office. Several arrows and hoarseness-exhausted complaints finally subsided.

Wang is the mother of a seventeen year old boy who is also an applicant for a case. In December 2017, Wang Mou, who was living in distress, sued Hu Mou in the name of his son to the Xixian court because of a dispute with his ex-husband Hu Mou over the child's maintenance fee. The court ordered Hu Mou to pay a total of 61200 yuan within 10 days after the judgment came into effect.

On April 24, 2018, because Hu did not fulfill the effective judgment, Wang immediately applied for compulsory execution on behalf of his son. As soon as the case entered the enforcement process, Wang came to the office of the procurator and repeatedly complained about the hardship and suffering of being a single mother, hoping to recover the maintenance fee as soon as possible.

After listening patiently to his complaints and informing the basic procedures for handling the case one by one, Wang suddenly changed face, regardless of just asking for money, and even picked up his saxophone to blow up, trying to obstruct the judge to handle the case. After many times of persuasion by the judge, Wang finally left.

Because the case of the execution of Hu Mou has been unaccounted for, after multiple search is still fruitless, through the network prosecution withheld 10,000 yuan, the case fell into a deadlock for a while.

Since then, Wang Mou has repeatedly come to the Court Executive board, ignoring the case handling procedures and process, but blindly crying to the law-bearer for execution, and playing Saxophone disruption of office order.

If it is not easy for him to raise a child alone, he may be detained in accordance with the law if he is stopped by a police officer and verbally warned of disturbing the order of the court. Hearing the word "detention," Wang finally stopped her farce, and even gave Cheng a "big surprise".

The original Wang has been executed Hu's contact, but I do not know what purpose has been reluctant to inform the executive police.

Immediately, the judge contacted Mr. Hu according to the contact information provided by Mr. Wang and asked him to come to the court as soon as possible to execute the effective judgment. Hu worked in Guizhou for many years and claimed to have paid for the child's upbringing, and expressed his willingness to go back to negotiate the case.

In August 27th, Hu rushed back from the field. He was detained according to law because he did not perform effective judgment. On August 31, Hu's brother arrived at the Executive Board with all the execution money. On the same day, the two families reached a settlement, and Hu was released from detention in advance according to law.

After receiving the execution money, Wang Mou, who had been swordling, finally calmed down and thanked the Cheng officials incessantly. The case finally ended.

Here, the judge reminded you:

Case handling has its statutory procedures and takes some time. The applicant has the obligation to assist the execution of cases, and actively cooperate with judges in handling cases. It is absolutely not advisable for Wang Mou in this case to have contact information but not to provide it and deliberately disrupt the work of the procurator and the order of the court. Not only wasted a lot of judicial resources, but also missed the precious time for the execution of the case, the court can take detention measures according to law for such acts.

Although the compulsory enforcement applicant has the right, but also has the obligation which must be fulfilled in the execution, if not willing to act according to the law and not willing to act according to the procedure, not only ultimately embarrassed the case handler, but also embarrassed himself.

Source: "Xinyang court" WeChat public number

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