Ministry of transport: stop waiting until the completion of the rectification platform.

Ministry of transport: stop waiting until the completion of the rectification platform.

Beijing, September 11, according to the Ministry of Transportation website news, the Ministry of Transportation General Office of the Public Security Department General Office issued an emergency notice on Further Strengthening the network reservation taxi and private passenger car safety management.

The circular pointed out that in recent years, illegal operation of Internet-booked taxis (referred to as Internet-booked taxis) and malignant criminal cases of private passenger coaches sharing (also known as windmills and carpooling) have occurred frequently, especially the homicide cases of drip-down taxi drivers in Zhengzhou and Wenzhou, which have attracted wide public attention and seriously endangered the lives and property of the people. All this will affect social stability and healthy and orderly development of the industry. In order to implement the unified plan of the State Council on strengthening the coordination and supervision of the new traffic and transportation format, strengthen the implementation of the supervision responsibility, and stop up the hidden dangers of safety risks, the emergency notice on Further Strengthening the safety management of network reservation taxi and private passenger car sharing is given.

The notice was clear that the industry safety inspection should be carried out immediately. Local transportation departments, public security organs and other departments should immediately organize joint safety inspections of local network contract car platform companies and private passenger car ride information service platforms. Through a large inspection, a comprehensive investigation of industrial safety risks and weaknesses. If there are hidden dangers to safety, relevant enterprises should be urged to take effective measures to rectify them; if there are violations, they should be dealt with according to law.

The Ministry of Transportation will organize new forms of transportation to carry out safety inspections in collaboration with the members of the Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting of Supervision and Administration on the companies engaged in networking such as drip and other platforms. Platform companies such as Drop and Drop Company should comprehensively carry out the work of self-examination and rectification of potential safety hazards. Private coach sharing information service should be suspended indefinitely before rectification of potential safety hazards is completed.

The notice indicated that the background checks for the drivers of the net and the platform were strengthened. Transportation authorities and public security organs in all localities shall, in strict accordance with the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Public Security, on the effective background checking and supervision of taxi drivers (Delivery No. 32, 2018), recite all drivers who engage in or apply to engage in network contract service. Scene check to ensure that the drivers meet the requirements of the Regulations on the Management of Taxi Drivers'Employment Qualifications (Order No. 63 of the Ministry of Transportation, 2016). Referring to the requirements of taxi drivers'background checking and supervision, the information service platform for private coach sharing shall carry out background checking for all drivers engaged in or applying for private coach sharing services. It is necessary to clean up the drivers of the existing network contract vehicles and private passenger coaches, and to clear the unqualified vehicles and drivers before December 31, 2018, and basically achieve the compliance of the network contract platform companies, vehicles and drivers.

The circular pointed out that we must strictly supervise and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production and stability. Local transportation departments and public security organs should urge local network contract platform companies and private passenger car ride information service platform service enterprises to implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production management and maintaining industry stability. Relevant platform companies should strictly regulate the management of dispatching orders, not to dispatch orders to drivers without background checks, and should use face recognition technology to check the consistency of vehicles and drivers before dispatching orders; to strengthen operational risk management and control, using large data technology to offset the route, unreasonable long stay and other wind Risk early warning, discovery of abnormal circumstances prompt disposal; to limit the number of downwind car orders, to prevent the use of the name of co-rider engaged in illegal network contract car operation services; to implement a random single mechanism to prohibit drivers from choosing passengers, allowing passengers to choose drivers; to establish a freezing complaints mechanism, passengers complaints have not been checked and processed, It is not allowed to dispatch a ticket to the complained driver; it is necessary to strengthen the protection of passenger information, turn off the social function of the downwind platform, shield passenger information and prevent the leakage of personal privacy; it is necessary to standardize vehicle safety requirements, encourage qualified platform companies to paste special signs in the prominent position of the Internet contract car, and the light transmittance of the windows should meet the requirements of taxis. To ensure that the inside of the vehicle is visible, the locks of children should not be unlocked during the operation of the vehicle, so that passengers can escape in case of emergency; to check the registration information of vehicles and drivers under the line at random periodic intervals, check the consistency with the actual situation, and prevent the problems of "changing the license plate number" and "imposing name replacement".

We should improve the mechanism of complaint alarm and quick response. Local transportation departments and public security organs should take various measures to vigorously strengthen the safety education and reminder of the passengers who make an appointment for a ride on a windmill. We should urge the network contract platform company and the private passenger coach information service platform to set up a safety prompt interface on the front page of APP start-up, prompting passengers 110 alarm telephone is the most effective way to seek help in emergency situations, and dial 110 alarm immediately when life and property safety is threatened, and at the same time, we should set up a significant position in APP. "One touch alarm" is convenient for drivers and passengers to warn the platform in case of unexpected emergencies. The relevant platform companies should provide the public security organs with technical interfaces, real-time push platform drivers, vehicle registration data and vehicle location, trajectory, passenger information and other data. A special 24-hour operation of the security management and emergency response team should be set up, the first time after receiving early warning to screen and deal with, as the case may be immediately alerted to the public security organs. Local transportation departments should take the initiative to accept and deal with all kinds of complaints from all walks of life involving the Internet contract car by means of their own portals or opening complaint calls. Local public security organs, transportation departments and relevant platform companies should establish a working mechanism for quick response and joint disposal of illegal and criminal acts committed by net-contracted vehicles following windmills. After receiving the alarm, public security organs should organize rapid response and effective disposal of the police force, and transportation departments and relevant platform companies should make every effort to provide technology and letters. Interest and other aspects of service support. The relevant platform companies and their directly responsible personnel and other directly responsible personnel who obstruct the people's police from performing their duties according to law and refuse to provide technical support to the public security organs shall strictly abide by the People's Police Law, the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, the Law on Network Security, the Law on Counter-Terrorism and the Criminal Law. It is stipulated that its legal liability shall be investigated.

The notice also said that we should crack down on illegal operations. Illegal operation threatens the personal safety and legitimate rights and interests of passengers, and seriously disrupts the order of market competition. Local transportation departments and public security organs should attach great importance to it, give full play to their respective functions, carry out joint law enforcement and strictly investigate and punish all kinds of illegal operations. In order to carry out illegal operation activities on the network contract vehicle platform and the private passenger car sharing information service platform, the punishment of platform companies and other enterprises should be strengthened. A "double random" spot check mechanism should be established to fulfill the statutory regulatory responsibilities. We should promote the publicity system of administrative law enforcement, the record system of the whole process of law enforcement, and the legal review system of major law enforcement decisions, so as to strictly standardize the fair and civilized law enforcement. Public security organs shall investigate and punish acts that obstruct the functionaries of the departments in charge of transportation from performing their duties according to law.

From that day until December 31, special rectification actions against illegal taxi operation were organized nationwide.

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