Changsha emerged from the Qing Dynasty property buyers? Netizens spread rumors and were arrested.

Changsha emerged from the Qing Dynasty property buyers? Netizens spread rumors and were arrested.

[Changsha police detained a netizen who spread rumors according to law] A screenshot of Changsha purchasing applicants spread widely in Weixin on August 17, 2018. The screenshot showed that the purchasing applicants had settled in 1910. Some media and websites quoted the picture as saying that "purchasers from the Qing Dynasty" appeared in Changsha. Verified by relevant departments, this is rumor information. In August 22nd, the Changsha evening news issued a rumor "rumor". The house buyers who entered the shaking procedure were all "Ye" generation pure rumors, the article said, "the Municipal Housing Construction Commission carefully checked the list of all recent property buyers, were not found born in 1910 home buyers."

According to the investigation by the public security organ, on August 14, 2018, the illegal person Chen Momou (male, 38 years old, Shaoyang, Hunan Province, now living in Yuhua District, Changsha) used PS software to modify the subscription information pictures of a customer in a real estate in Changsha, and changed the subscriber's settling time from "1990" to "1910", and then released the pictures to each other. On the internet, after being forwarded by Tan, Cai, Zhang and Zou, the picture was widely spread, causing malicious hype and disturbing public order.

After criticism and education, Chen Moumou, Tan Mou, Cai Mou, Zhang Moumou and Zou Mou expressed repentance. In September 10th, the Changsha police punished the rumor maker Chen for an administrative detention for 5 days in accordance with the law.

The police warned that the network is not an illegal place, do not publish, disseminate, and transmit unconfirmed information at will, resolutely resist, actively report rumors, rumors and other illegal and criminal acts, and jointly maintain a healthy and orderly network environment. The public security organs will severely crack down on spreading false news and malicious rumor spreading rumors.

Source: Changsha police

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