Dropping the truth at night: worry about another vicious event during the rectification period.

Dropping the truth at night: worry about another vicious event during the rectification period.

Original Title: Drops of Late Night Drop Out: Worried about Repeated Malignant Events During Rectification News Technology Channel Home Page Finance and Economics Network

[Financial Network News] Sept. 11, last week announced the launch of a major security rectification, and from September 8 to suspend a week of late-night travel services. 9.9, the first day of parking, the media reported that the direct result of parking brought about by the difficulty of late night taxi, black car recovery, taxi overcharging, some netizens complained that "one time back five years ago". At the same time, there are many voices that this is a deliberate drip, a dominant drip want to use the way to force public opinion.

In this regard, some travel industry analysts believe that: "the real reason for the late night stoppage or because of the'rectification period'of the security pressure, drop by drop to complete tens of millions of services a day, from a probability point of view, to ensure that no security incidents, it is almost impossible to complete the task. In addition, if there is another vicious incident during this period, the drop will be put again at the disadvantage of public opinion.

The analyst also said that judging from the characteristics of sex-related crimes, most of the cases occurred in the late night to early morning when women traveled alone. Therefore, the suspension of this period of service can be understood as dropping in the efforts to ensure that no malignant cases occur during the rectification period, to avoid completely zero under extreme pressure.

This statement is also confirmed by the financial network drip from the mouth of the staff, "recently the company's security pressure is too great, so many orders a day, no one dare to guarantee that no sudden situation. Initially, the company considered several alternatives, such as restricting female passenger orders at night, or restricting female passenger orders to female drivers, but did not adopt them for fairness and practical reasons (not so many female drivers). Moreover, the inspections will last for more than a week. The company is worried about problems during the inspection period. At the same time, it refers to past operating data and finally decides to shut down the most stressful late-night service.  

In September 4th, Didi announced that it would suspend late night service for a week. For the reasons for the discontinuation, the announcement in App said that the company had started a major safety improvement, and was currently intensively on-line testing and optimization of various safety product functions.

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