Net red, cordless dog walking and kicking pregnant women need not only "cool" but also make up for quality.

Net red, cordless dog walking and kicking pregnant women need not only

Original title: Cordless walking dogs and kicking pregnant women, this red net not only to "cool" also need to make up for the quality of the class!

Recently, a 32-week-old pregnant woman in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was attacked by an untied French Bulldog while walking with her husband. The husband protected his wife from kicking the dog, and later had a dispute with the dog owner. The pregnant woman was beaten by the dog owner and sent to the hospital.

Hangzhou police responded on the 9th that the two sides did have a dispute over walking the dog, the mother and daughter involved have been forced to be summoned for investigation, the case is being further investigated and dealt with.

On the afternoon of September 10, the reporter called Binjiang Sub-commissioner River Police Station to ask if the mother and daughter were summoned for investigation. The staff said that "there is indeed the situation", and the rest of the inconvenience was disclosed.

Today (11), nearly 1 hours in the morning, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Binjiang Branch issued a notice through micro-blog:

At about 20:00 pm on September 7, 2018, Binjiang Branch Commissioner Hefei Police Station received a public alarm that there were fights in Changhe Street, and the police rushed to the scene. It is understood that Chen Moui (female, King Shang Golden Zone householder), Shi Mouhua (female, Chen Moui's mother) and Yang Mou (female, pregnant woman) had a quarrel because of walking the dog, and then had a physical conflict, neither side had obvious injury, Yang Mou caused physical discomfort because of emotional excitement.

In the evening, the public security organs legally summoned Chen Moui to the police station for investigation, Shi Mouhua suspected of obstructing the implementation of his duties was forced to be summoned for investigation, Yang Mou from 120 sent to the hospital for treatment.

After investigation and evidence collection by the public security organs, Shimou has been detained by law according to law. Chen Muyi's illegal act of intentionally injuring another person's body has been basically found out. At present, Yang is being treated in a hospital. The degree of injury needs further diagnosis and determination. According to the relevant provisions of the Procedure Provisions for Handling Administrative Cases by Public Security Organs, the public security organs will appraise Yang's injuries and handle the cases according to law. The exhibition will be released to the public in a timely manner.  

Reporters were informed that the involved Internet red was searched by the flesh, and even some people picked out the detailed address of the Internet red, several members of the group in Taobao to buy wreaths, funeral gowns and other funeral supplies sent out.

Pregnant women hair micro-blog called beaten cited concern

The day before yesterday (9), a self-proclaimed pregnant woman in the micro-blog reported that on September 7 evening about 9 o'clock, he walked with his husband, holding a dog. On the way, an untied French Bulldog rushed over, and the husband "pushed the dog with his feet in self-defense" to protect the pregnant woman. Later, the owners of the French Bulldog came forward, and the two sides clashed. The master of the law fights, with 3 million fans of net red, punched and kicked pregnant women. Later, the mother of net red also joined in the abuse and assault of pregnant women and husbands.

According to the microblog, ambulances arrived and sent pregnant women to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University. They were sent to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital because of insufficient medical conditions. In the Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital, pregnant women were sent to delivery room for delivery because of possible risk of premature birth. During this period, the hospital issued a number of notifications of critical illness, because of premature delivery, the fetus may face alveolar and other organs are not fully developed and other issues. The specific circumstances need to wait for further observation.

As of 8:30 am on the 11th, the micro-blog has more than 120,000 forwards, more than 90,000 comments, related keywords on the hot search list.

Net red woman is human flesh

It is understood that the involved in the micro-blog is a blogger with 3 million fans, while opening a Taobao store to sell clothes. Yesterday (September 10) afternoon, reporters in Taobao search for her shop, found that the store has been empty goods. Her micro-blog has turned off comments, but a large number of abusive remarks about the blogger can be seen in the message forwarded.

In September 10th, reporters joined three micro-blog groups on micro-blog. These group titles are "abusing the name net red", and the chat content is also mainly based on abuse. Because the number of micro-blog group is limited to 100 people, there are two dimensional codes in the group to join WeChat group. Reporters joined two groups and found that there were a lot of criticisms against the women and their mothers, including their paragraphs, pictures of being PS, screenshots of the microblog numbers reported.

In addition, some members of the group picked out the address of the net red, Taobao group members in the purchase of wreaths, shrouds and other funeral supplies, sent to the address. In addition, the group demanded to organize the report of micro-blog and Taobao store social accounts respectively.

Reporters contacted someone's "net red", as of press time did not receive a reply.

The incident was reported by households.

See part of the dispute between the two sides.

According to the Metropolitan Express, a resident on the 17th floor of the apartment said he knew the pregnant woman. "On the night of the incident, I went down to get the express and saw Yang sitting on the left side of the revolving gate. Sitting on the ground, wearing a black dress and a big belly, the whole man gasped and looked ugly. The net red and her mother just walked in from the gate and scolded the ugly words as they walked.

"Pregnant women are a little over 1.6 meters old, and net red is almost the same size, wearing a golden eye, she scolded'your child should have an abortion, should not have been born'similar words. Pregnant women didn't say dirty words, and said, "how can you do this?" There were many people around the scene. Later, the police came, and net red was still calling his friend and asked what to do. I was not too serious at that time. People surrounded a lot, did not carefully see clearly. "

"There are plenty of dog owners here, but most of them are dogs," the tenant said.

A 20-year-old boy in a floral short-sleeved hip-hop hat and a white Bulldog walked out of the stairs. He said he knew the net was red and he lived with his mother and had a black bulldog.

Xiao Zhang (a pseudonym) and her boyfriend Xiao Li said that they had seen a fight on the upper floor that day.

"The pregnant woman and her husband also took the dog with them. At that time, the pregnant woman was not in good mood. After the husband called the police, he took the dog up. Net red and her mother were scolding something like a child. After that, the three men wrestled together. Xiao Zhang said.

"Who is the first to move the hand, where is the net red hitting the pregnant woman?"

"I was short-sighted, but I didn't see clearly."

An aunt who did not want to be named said that the net red girl was about 20 years old and has not been married yet. "More than 8 o'clock that night, I'm going to go back to the elevator. In the lobby, the police were ready to take the girl back to the police station, but she would not want to go. The police can only subpoena.

Another Aunt Li saw that the net red mother was excited and kept arguing with the police.

According to a video report by Pear, an eyewitness at the scene said: at first the dogs of the two sides clashed first, and the netred dogs were not tied. The pregnant woman mistakenly thought the dog was throwing herself at her, and her husband kicked the dog. Then, the netizens came and there was a dispute between the two sides.

According to Beijing time report, a witness in an interview described the scene of the day:

At that time, the dog did not lead the dog rope, and rushed directly to the hall to beat the pregnant woman. I saw his husband kick the dog, but I think it's quite normal. After kicking the dog, "net red" was on fire, and had an argument with the pregnant woman. Later, her husband went upstairs, leaving a net red, net red, her mother and pregnant women.

At this time, pregnant women began to discuss the theory of net red. Later, I heard the red net saying that our dog had bumped into a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman pushed the net red for a while, and then the net red kept calling her with her hand, and tried to use her feet, but did not see whether there was a kick.

The security guards came and separated them. When separated, net red kept trying to attack the pregnant woman.

In this regard, the half moon also commented on "fans soaring, income soaring, conscience is not long." Net is red and evil is disease. "".

A pregnant woman in Hangzhou tweeted yesterday that she and her husband, 32 weeks pregnant, were walking home when an unroped dog suddenly pounced on her and her husband pushed the dog away with his feet to protect her. Then he had a dispute with the net red "@Saya one", and was threatened by the other side. Hangzhou police responded last night that there was indeed an argument, and the net red mother and daughter had been summoned for questioning.

It's not uncommon to see people and dogs in the city, but it's a matter of caution for a netred woman with millions of fans who can even say, "This kind of pregnant baby is not a good breed, it's a dead baby" after her own dog throws herself at the pregnant woman without a leash. A lot of net red is red by a face, fans are rising, quality is not rising, income is rising, conscience is not long. The surface is quiet, and the heart is barbarous and vulgar. Such a lack of morality, careful influence, the greater the fall, the more serious the quality of their own lessons no longer make up, the rule of law, justice will always raise the knife!

That's the right way to open a dog.

Even though regulations have been issued in many places, uncivilized phenomena such as walking dogs without ropes and no one cleans up dog droppings still occur from time to time, which makes people disgusted and worried. What should we pay attention to when we take a dog out? How should dogs be cultured? Let's take a look at it together with Xiaobian.

A dog hurts a man and runs a bad way.

Take the dog out.

Safety and civilization must be attended to.

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