Putin asked why he wanted to retire.

Putin asked why he wanted to retire.

Sina Technologies News September 11 afternoon, Ma Yun attended the Far East Economic Forum entrepreneurs round table in Russia today, during which Russian President Putin asked the officials next to him, "I want to ask the young people sitting there eating Russian pastries, Ma Yun, why are you so young'retired'?"

Ma Yun answered, "Mr. President, I'm not young. Yesterday I happened to be 54 years old in Russia. I have been doing business for 19 years, but there are still more things I want to do, such as education and public welfare.

Putin laughed and said, "you are younger than me. I am 66 years old!" Then, I applauded.

Ma then introduced the signing of the framework agreement between Alibaba and Russia's largest social media joint venture at the Far East Economic Forum. "Although I retired a year later, I can guarantee that Alibaba's development in Russia will abide by local laws at any time, which is in the interests of both China and Russia." Ma Yun also made four suggestions to Putin, promoting the "one belt and one way" with E-road, strengthening Sino Russian technical cooperation, developing trade, tourism, technology and training, and increasing support for small and medium-sized enterprises and young people.

Putin waited for Ma Yun to finish saying, "You said very well, you said that Ali will abide by the relevant laws and regulations of Russia, the Russian government will fully support the development of Alibaba in Russia!" After that, he beckoned to the left and right sides and took the lead.

On September 10, Ma Yun announced Alibaba's succession plan, announcing that he would retire one year later to pursue education and public welfare, and would no longer serve as chairman of the board of directors of the group. At that time, Zhang Yong, the current CEO of the group, will take over.

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