Dan Tianfang, a storyteller, died after several generations of his book review.

Dan Tianfang, a storyteller, died after several generations of his book review.

Original title: Dan Tianfang, a storytelling artist, has passed away. Several generations grew up listening to his storytelling.

At 3:30 p.m. on the 11th, the famous book-reviewing artist Tanda Fang died of illness in Beijing Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital at the age of 84.

Tan Tianfang was born on December 17, 1934 in Yingkou, a family of Chinese opera artists and writers.

In 1954, he went to the stage of storytelling. In May 1, 1979, Dan Tianfang returned to the book world. In 1995, Dan Tianfang founded the Beijing Dan Tianfang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. In January 26, 2007, Dan Tianfang announced the collection of hills. In 2011, an autobiography was published: "return to the truth: Dan Tianfang said Dan Tianfang".

In 2012, Dan Tianfang won the lifetime achievement award at the seventh China quyi peony award presentation ceremony. It was the first award he had ever won for his art, and he laughed at himself saying that he was able to win because the judges thought he had "shouted" for years without winning, so "pity" him.

Perhaps the most familiar to the public is the husky voice of Tanda Fang in his book reviews and the vivid colors of his storytelling.

As Yu Dan said in her speech to the veteran artists for the Lifetime Achievement Award, although she is not a musician, the voices of these veteran artists have always been in her memory.

Shan Tianfang's representative works include "Three Knights and Five Righteousness", "White-eyed Knight-errant", "Three Swords", "Biography of Tong Lin", "Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties", "The Gone with the Wind", "Outlaws of the Marsh" and so on.

Hearing the news of Tanda Fang's death, many netizens have also remembered the voice of how many people had accompanied in the past_.

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Dan Tianfang, a Chinese performance writer, died at the age of 84.

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