Survey of satisfaction of county mayors in Taiwan area: top three in blue camp

Survey of satisfaction of county mayors in Taiwan area: top three in blue camp

Original title: Taiwan district county mayor satisfaction survey blue camp arranged the top three

The annual Tianxia magazine survey of county and city Leaders'satisfaction with government reveals that the DPP only holds one seat among the top six county and city mayors, while the rest is arranged by the Kuomintang and the non-party members. This result indicates that the election of county mayors at the end of the year will be a tough battle for the DPP authorities.

The survey found that the Pan-Blue Prefecture and municipality governance satisfaction generally rose, the top six were the KMT and non-party members. Lianjiang County Mayor Liu Zengying not only achieved remarkable results in sightseeing, but also implemented community care and long-term photo services. He made the people feel good about his governance performance. With a high score of 77.66, he won the first place in the three-year administration satisfaction survey; Huang Jianting, the outgoing Taitung County Mayor at the end of the year, scored 71.83, rising 6 in three years to the second place; Fu Kuntiao, Hualian County Mayor, showed his performance. Flat, ranking third for 70.93 points.

According to Tianxia magazine, the ranking of county mayors is above the blue and below the green, which can not be detached from the ruling achievements of the DPP authorities. The political and economic situation in the general environment is most deeply felt by the front-line people.

In addition, Chen Ju, former Mayor of Kaohsiung, Lai Qingde, former Mayor of Tainan, and Lin Congxian, former Mayor of Yilan County, were recruited into the ruling team. The acting County mayors, including 18 in Kaohsiung, 19 in Tainan and 22 in Yilan, all fell into the last class. Apart from their lack of popularity, the three deputies were not local residents. One vote was chosen.

The analysis shows that the popularity and performance of county mayors are biased towards personal aura and can not be inherited or transferred. In the election of county mayors, people tend to recognize people who do not recognize the party.

Ke Wenzhe's satisfaction is the first.

From the past few years of policy satisfaction analysis, Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe has signs of warming. In 2016, Ko won only the 21st place because of the image of "only cheating". Last year, the Universiade made an active effort to expose the situation, successfully recovered the low dilemma of public opinion polls after taking office, rose to 14, this year is to progress to 12th place, jumped to nine places in three years.

Kewenzhe's support effect spread all the way from north to south, topping the Taiwan Satisfaction Survey.

According to Tian Tian magazine, this year's ranking of Ke Wenzhe is the result of blue and green discontent, and Ke Wenzhe is no longer just the mayor of Taipei.

Editor in chief: Yu Pengfei

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