Taiwan has 107 local cases of dengue fever this year, the first case in Tainan.

Taiwan has 107 local cases of dengue fever this year, the first case in Tainan.

Original title: Taiwan has 107 cases of dengue fever local cases this year, Tainan is the first case.

Five new cases of dengue fever were reported in Taiwan on the 11th, including three in Taichung, one in Xinbei and one in Tainan. This is the first case of dengue fever in Tainan this year. There are 107 cases of dengue fever in Taiwan this year, and more than 59 cases in Taichung city.

The epidemic of Dengue fever, which peaked in Tainan three years ago with more than 20,000 cases, is now back in the air, straining the nerves of the epidemic prevention workers. Tainan Municipal Health Bureau said that after the first local case of dengue fever was confirmed on the evening of the 10th, a command center was set up on the 11th to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

It is understood that the case is a 78-year-old female, who has no experience of leaving Taiwan for tourism, and has not been to other counties and cities in Taiwan for activities, mainly around the residence and the market. In September 8th, she began to develop symptoms of fever and weakness. 10 days, she was diagnosed with dengue fever by the hospital.

It is noteworthy that the laboratory found that the four major regions of Taiwan, such as North, Central and South, have different dengue virus types. Huang Limin, a professor of hospital infection at Taiwanese University, pointed out that the complexity of the dengue virus this year was indeed unexpected and a major challenge to epidemic prevention.

Huang Limin said that if all the viruses were of the same type, there would be no risk of a single dengue fever. However, patients in different regions of Taiwan should be alert, take good mosquito control measures, and try not to go to other counties and cities. Once infected with other types of viruses, it may cause hemorrhagic dengue fever, and even more serious symptoms. There is a risk of death.

Taiwan's disease control and Prevention Department reminded the people of Taiwan that there is still rain in the afternoon. People should strengthen the implementation of the elimination of mosquito breeding sources, such as fever, headache, pain in the back eye socket, muscle and joint pain, rash and other suspected symptoms of dengue fever, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and inform the tourism experience.

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