Netqin CEO Xu Zemin: Lin Yu and Shi Wenyong are only the most clear about their disputes.

Netqin CEO Xu Zemin: Lin Yu and Shi Wenyong are only the most clear about their disputes.

Xu Zemin, CEO of NetQin: Only they know the dispute between Lin Yu and Shi Wenyong most clearly, but the statement that NetQin sells the country cheaply is not true.

Xinjing News (reporter Lu Yifu Liangchen) Sept. 11, for the dispute between the founder of NetQin Lin Yu and Shi Wenyong, NetQin CEO Xu Zemin told Xinjing News reporters not to make too much comment, "between their parties, only the two of them are the most clear."

Xu Zemin denied Lin Yu's suggestion that high-quality assets such as Feiliu and Guoxin Lintong were underpriced. He said that it was reasonable for NetQin to sell Guoxin Lintong for $80 million.

On August 27, 2015, NetQin announced that it would sell Guoxin Lingtong to Hou Jian, founder of Guoxin Lingtong, for $80 million in cash. However, on June 11, 2014, NetQin announced that it had transferred the 3.4% stake of Guoxin Lingtong to Beijing Guorun Qilian Venture Capital Center (Beijing Guorun Qilian Venture Capital Center), which was valued at $500 million before and $530 million after the transaction.

On September 10, Lin Yu, founder of NetQin, publicly accused Ling Kin-chi's CEO Shi Wenyong of illegally detaining himself, and announced his removal from all positions, including chairman, director and COO of NetQin, Xu Zemin's director and CEO. Lin Yu will take over as CEO and co-chairman, and his wife Guo Lingyun will serve as company director. Long.

Reporters visited NetQin on September 11 and found that Xu Zemin and Shi Wenyong had card-swiping devices outside their offices on the 10th floor of Building 8. Only by swiping cards could they enter. Some employees told reporters that Guo Lingyun did not appear in the company after 2014.

In December 2014, NetQin announced that Lin Yu had stepped down for personal reasons. President Xu Zemin became co-CEO and joined the board of directors. NetQin Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer Shi Wenyong served as chairman of the board.


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