Beijing News: Dan Tianfang's influence in the civil society once exceeded Jin Yong.

Beijing News: Dan Tianfang's influence in the civil society once exceeded Jin Yong.

Original title: Dan Tianfang's influence in the private sector has exceeded Jin Yong's new Beijing newspaper Entertainment Rating.

This afternoon, I was shocked to hear the news of the death of the performance artist, Mr. Tanda Fang. Perhaps I heard too much of his voice and always thought that this was an "immortal" man. But think about it, people have life and death, enjoying eighty-four years old, is also a high life, only wish the elderly a good journey! It is a pity that only after the book is written in the past can we wait for the next time to come back.

Today's entertainment life is a world of variety shows, idol dramas and dithering, fast-handed, micro-blogging. The traditional music art of reviewing books is declining day by day. It may seem strange to some of the post-90s and most of the post-00s. But more than ten years ago, especially in 80s and 90s, the situation was quite different. Before the popularity of television, almost every household had a "box" - radio. The art of reviewing books was popular. The voices of Wang Gang, Yuan Kuocheng, Tan Tianfang, Tian Lianyuan, Liu Lanfang, Yan Guirong and others rang from north to south, Harbin under the Night and the Western Chu Overlord, Water Margin, White-eyed Knight-errant, Yue Fei, Sui and Tang Dynasties Romance have become the greatest pastimes of the people's amateur life.

In my opinion, the most popular one is Dantianfang. Every radio station will echo the husky and vast voice of Dantianfang, either Xu Liang fighting with the next three doors, or Sheng Ying fighting for the people, or Tong Lin leaning on a body of martial arts across the river. His storytelling also became a lot of memories after 70 and after 80.

To explore the reasons, Dan Tianfang will not only be able to say "well" but also "do". His book reviews produced a lot of output, "product" processing process is very fast, the quality is good, and he can integrate the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary and artistic materials, such as his integration of "three chivalrous five righteousness" and "small five righteousness" and other reviews of the creation of the "white eyebrow knight-errant," you can see the charm of "fengshen romance". Under the leadership of Pudu, Xuezhulian and Yu He, the three parties should be the three major sects, namely, the Supreme Emperor, the Heavenly God of the Yuan Dynasty and the God of the Tong Dynasty. He can also follow the situation closely, according to social hot spots and national policies, timely creation of various works to promote social integrity, "Jiangyang robbery arrest documentary" and "the 1990s major crime investigation documentary" and other works have aroused good repercussions.

He has a keen sense of market and has a wide range of influence. According to his autobiography, Yan Guizheng Zhuan, he went to many caves in the 1950s and 1960s. Besides telling stories in tea houses, he also performed in factories, mines and countryside. He not only earned a lot of money, but also had a great influence. After the reform and opening up in the 1980s, Tan Tianfang resumed his storytelling, and he was also very conscious of his own market operation. In 1995, he established Beijing Tan Tianfang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. This was a very advanced move in the book reviewing circle and even in the music and art circles at that time. Therefore, the popularity of Dan Tianfang's storytelling is justified.

Another point has to be said is his concern for film and television. Now the Internet capital into the field of film and television, using network literature as the source, cultivate small meat star harvesting fans, shooting all kinds of homogeneous works to gain market revenue, so-called "IP model" in the old Shanlao where played 20 years ago.

In the early 1990s, with the rise of consumer civilization and the beginning of television culture, he cooperated with TV stations in a large number of book reviews and also contacted film and television drama producers to adapt their own works, which may be the earliest "IP model" in mainland China. At that time, the adaptation of the popular Chinese "White-eyed Knight-errant", Shandong three-crown film and television investment production, this super-long work into a 34-episode work, Zhao Hengxu as the white-eyed Knight Xuliang, Xing Minshan as the jade face of the small Damo Baiyunrui, has not become a cold-faced Yuan Fang Zhang Zijian as the fake Xuliang Wang Shun, 10,000 times. People empty alley, but because of the adaptation of the original is too large, market reputation is not good. Tanda Fang herself also has some remarks about the play, and still has a bit of resentment in the publication of Yan Gui Zheng Zhuan 16 years later. But Hou Hongliang, who was still active in film and television production, became the industry leader. However, this play and the subsequent broadcast of "Gan Nineteen Mei" opened the mainland at that time, martial arts drama atmosphere, but also represents the highest level of exploration in this field by mainland film and television producers. However, with the arrival of Hong Kong-funded movies and TV productions, which brought a higher level of production industry and works, Jin Yong opera entered the mainland and Xiaoao Jianghu opened another era. By this time, TV culture matured, the entire entertainment form changed, and the art of book review represented by Tan Tianfang began to take a back seat.

I probably began to listen to Shan Tianfang's reviews in the third grade of primary school, when my father listened to "White-eyed Knight-errant" in front of the box every day, and I was curious to listen along the way. Turning on the radio at seven o'clock every evening is a group ceremony for the whole family at supper time. The first impression was that it was a long book, full of a year and three months, and then followed this excuse and listened to it all the way down. "Tong Lin Zhuan", "Sui and Tang Dynasties Romance", "Chaotic World Owl Xiong", "Outlaws of the Margin of Water", "Sweeping the King of Yan", "Ming Ying Ying", "Iron Umbrella Ghost Man", "Dragon and Tiger Wind and Cloud Club" have been heard all over, but also know Tian Lianyuan, Yuan Kuocheng, Liu Lanfang and other artists, a story at the same time can hear several versions of people.

"Listening to books and wisdom", I learned to write stories first, which greatly benefited from this. In high school, the pressure of study was high, and the school was too busy to read and play. At that time, I bought a five-dollar pocket radio. At night or when I was studying, I opened it secretly. The headphones were plugged into my ears through the sleeves of the school uniform. All kinds of reviews and cross talk accompanied me through the boring three years. Here, say thank you to Dan Tianfang.

A few days ago, crosstalk artist Chang Baohua died, a few years ago, Yuan Kuocheng died, today Dantianfang's death, the older generation of artists are declining, but the talent can not continue, the development is always at the brink of crisis. How to invest support for traditional art from an over-entertaining society may be a social problem. I hope the younger generation can find the charm of traditional art from all kinds of entertainment by distracting themselves from listening to and reviewing books. Hope that the old man in heaven can still smartly waving folding fan, loudly pat the wood, said, "book after the previous text." Dan Lao, go!

Author: he Shu (commentator)

Editor: Ai Zheng

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