Unprecedented China sent 3200 people to Russia's largest military exercise.

Unprecedented China sent 3200 people to Russia's largest military exercise.

Original title: unprecedented! The Chinese side sent 3200 people to Russia's largest military exercise.

Today (11), the largest strategic exercise in Russian history, "Orient - 2018", in Russia's post-Baikal border region Chugor training ground officially opened. Prior to this, the two sides reached a consensus that the Chinese army will take part in the exercise. This also means that in the next few days, the Chinese and Russian officers and soldiers will work closely together to stage an unprecedented strategic cascade joint campaign exercise.

According to the joint campaign drill plan, from today (11) to 13, the Chinese and Russian command organs trained will complete joint operations planning, organizing operational coordination, commanding troops operations and other maneuvers. Actual troop action drill mainly revolves around resisting enemy's attack, crossing water barrier, fire assault, attack preparation, turning into attack and so on. The emphasis is to test the actual combat capability of the troops in the alienated environment.

The Chinese side has participated in over 3200 vehicles and more than 1000 vehicles.

China's participating officers and soldiers are mainly composed of the army and air force units in the Northern War zone, with a total strength of about 3200, more than 1,000 vehicles and 30 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. This is also the largest scale in the history of Chinese armed forces.

From the first train echelon on August 16 to the last air echelon landing on August 29, the Chinese army completed loading, unloading and transboundary transportation tasks of 28 train echelons and 3 air echelons in a short period of 14 days.

China speed: three days to build 15 thousand square meters barracks

Chinese soldiers who went abroad to represent the new era showed the Russian side the speed of China and the standards of China.

According to the PLA newspaper, at 3:30 a.m. local time on August 21, just before dawn, Russian sentries found several more Chinese tents on the grassland not far from each other. What is even more surprising is that three days later, the Chinese soldiers living in these tents, even constructed a 15,000 square meters field camp.

In order to buy time for the later arrival of the command body, the Chinese military spent three days to complete the usual half a month or more to complete the work. During this period, they slept on average only 3 hours a day. Later, in the routine consultations between the command bodies of the Chinese and Russian armies, Russian personnel repeatedly expressed admiration for this "Chinese standard" and "Chinese speed".

During the visit to China's participating army camps, the national flag can be seen everywhere. During the talks, the participating officers and soldiers expressed a common aspiration: to go abroad, we represent the new era of Chinese soldiers.

"Oriental -2018" strategic exercise highlights.

As one of the four major strategic exercises of the Russian army, "Oriental" series exercises occupy an important position in the Russian military exercise system. This "Oriental-2018" strategic exercise will be held in Russia's five synthetic ranges, four air defense and air force ranges, as well as the Sea of Japan and other sea areas. What are the points of view?

The scale of exercises is unprecedented.

During the exercise, the force of 300,000 people participated, more than 1,000 air combat equipment, 36,000 tanks and armored vehicles, nearly 80 ships, the number of weapons used unprecedented.

Military expert Li Shuyin:

The series of "Oriental" exercises are strategic exercises of the Russian army. They have the characteristics of high level, large scale, wide area, many drilling courses and high degree of association. These forces came from the Central Military Region, the Eastern Military Region, the Northern Fleet, as well as the airborne, long-range aviation, strategic aviation.

Training courses are highly concentrated and highly practical.

The main range of the exercise was set at the Chugor Range, which belongs to the eastern Russian military region and is a comprehensive training ground.

Military expert Li Shuyin:

The whole range of field is very high, and there is no fixed building. All the officers and soldiers are camped in field tents, and all the battlefield settings and various operational environments are set up in accordance with the standards of field operations and actual operations.

Many Russian officers and men have practical experience.

During this exercise, many Russian officers and soldiers have participated in Syrian operations and other combat tasks, and they have accumulated rich practical experience.

Military expert Li Shuyin:

The commander of the Eastern Military Region, Admiral Jolaf, who had been to Syria to fight, was also one of the commanders of the operation. These officers and men will be presented with their practical experience gained in Syria.  

Heavyweight equipment gathered in the battlefield

In the Chugor training ground, the Russian army from the air to the ground, a series of large-scale deployment of multi-model weapons and equipment.

Military expert Li Shuyin:

We know that MI -26 is the largest and heaviest transport aircraft in operation and can carry more than 100 people at a time. There are also card -52 armed helicopters, and its ability to attack the ground is very strong. Besides, the ground equipment also has the Kandel campaign tactics system.

Since 2005, China and Russia have held more than ten joint exercises, from the "peace mission" to "Oriental - 2018", military cooperation has become increasingly close. Regarding this military exercise, Li Yuyin, a military expert, said that this is not only a test of the joint operation command system of our army after deepening the reform of national defense and the army, but also a test of the results of our army's intensified combat training in recent years.

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