Girls were brainwashed by MLM and refused to go home with their families: let me get on the train and I will die.

Girls were brainwashed by MLM and refused to go home with their families: let me get on the train and I will die.

Original title: MLM woman refused to return to the countryside to give birth to the train conductor, all the way to persuade him to return home.

A 19-year-old woman who was brainwashed into pyramid selling refused to return home and threatened to live a life when her family called for her rescue. In order to ensure no accidents on the women's return trains, the conductor mobilized all crew members to "guard against death" and eventually sent the women safely to their destination.

At 13:39 on September 9, the No. 2222 train from Shenzhen North to Nanchang West, which is on duty from the third group of Nanchang Passenger and Sports Car Team 2 moving westward, stopped at Huizhou South Railway Station. As usual, Chang Xiaojuan, the conductor of the train, got off the train and stood on guard. Suddenly she heard a tearing cry from the entrance, "Let me go... I will not go back... When you let me get on the bus, I jump to death. " The woman's cries frightened Zhang Xiaojuan, looking for fame, and saw a pair of middle-aged men and women struggling to roll on the ground with the help of several station staff. The conductor saw the situation and hurried forward to inquire about it.

It turned out that the middle-aged men and women were a couple from Nanchang, Jiangxi. The young woman lying on the ground is their daughter Xiaojuan. This year just 19 years old Xiaojuan came to work in Guangdong half a year when he was involved in pyramid selling organization. A few days ago, Xiaojuan's parents came to Huizhou and rescued Xiaojuan from the pyramid selling organization through the police. On that day, Xiaojuan's family bought a ticket to go home to bring Xiaojuan back to Nanchang. Who knows that Xiaojuan, who has been brainwashed by pyramid schemes, must not leave Huizhou, saying that he wants to stay in Huizhou to make a fortune? After arriving at the railway station, Xiaojuan lay on the ground and refused to get up, saying that if anyone forced her to go home she would jump the train and die.

Seeing that Xiaojuan was unwilling to get on the train, Xiaojuan's parents had to turn to the conductor for help. In order to get Xiaojuan on the train, the conductor immediately called the security guard. With the help of Xiaojuan's parents'station staff, Xiaojuan was "carried" into carriage 13.

However, lifting Xiaojuan to the train is not the end. Xiao Juan is very excited at present, how to send Xiao Juan Ping'an Hu to Nanchang is the train leader's problem.

After the train departed from Huizhou South Railway Station, the conductor called all the locomotive cleaners through the intercom, and gave a detailed report of the carriage, seat number and appearance of Xiaojuan. All the crew members were required to pay attention to Xiaojuan's activities on the train. Even if Xiaojuan goes to the toilet, he must have a crew member at the door. Subsequently, the conductor and the policeman came to Xiaojuan to do a painstaking ideological work, and told her the real case, after patient persuasion, Xiaojuan was finally moved to "go home" and no longer resist the "go home" and realize that engaging in pyramid selling is wrong behavior, agreed to follow her mother back to Nanchang hometown.

After 8 hours of intense travel, the D2322 train arrived at Nanchang west station at 21:43. Farewell, Xiaojuan's parents clasped the conductor's hand and said excitedly, all the way too much trouble for you, thank you very much, I will go back with my daughter to communicate well, and live up to your kindness. (Zhang Xiaojuan)

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