Original title: Hoover, academician of Taiwan Academy of Sciences, died of illness.

China news agency, Taipei, September 11 - Hoover, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, died of illness in Taipei on the 10th, at the age of 86. Hoover is a well-known political scholar. Many famous scholars and politicians in Taiwan are his students.

Hoover was born in Hangxian, Zhejiang Province in 1932. He is a Bachelor of Law from Taiwan University and a Master of Political Science from Emory University. He specializes in constitutional law, political culture, election behavior, political participation and political change. Forerunners of "visiting visits" and "empirical studies".

According to reports, Hoover fell and injured his brain and was admitted to a Taiwanese hospital. After more than a month of hospitalization, he died. Zhu Yunhan, a student of Hoover and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the media that Hoover walked very peacefully without any pain. His four daughters were on the side. Hoover hoped that the aftermath would be low-key and not disturb everyone.

Zhu Yunhan pointed out that Hoover was most concerned about the development of cross-strait relations in recent years, and he believed that cross-strait reunification was the best way out. In 2005, Hoover and other scholars put forward cross-strait relations framework proposals, elaborated on the ultimate solution to cross-strait proposals.

Hoover has long been concerned about the situation on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and opposed "Taiwan independence". In an interview with the media, Hoover once said that in the long run, the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is a historical necessity. He advocated that the reunification of the two sides is the highest moral value.

According to the news of Hoover's death, the former leader of Taiwan authorities Ma Ying-jeou, Taichung Mayor Lin Jialong and many other politicians and academics who have been Hoover students have expressed their condolences. (finish)

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